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The WordGuess App is a gaming and entertainment app.

Applies To

  • innovaphone PBX from version 13r3


  • innovaphone PBX
  • innovaphone Application Platform
  • innovaphone myAPPS
  • Firmware V13r3 sr8 or higher


The innovaphone Service WordGuess App is an app where you can guess one single word every day.

How it works

You can guess words in the supported languages:

  • dutch
  • english
  • french
  • german
  • italian
  • spain

In addition you can guess words in different lengths (from 4 to 8 letters).

The first time you start the app on a new device/browser, you'll get a short introduction:

  • grey letter: the word doesn't contain the letter
  • orange letter: the letter is at the wrong position
  • green letter: the letter is at the correct position

You can just guess a single word for every language/length combination once per day.

Add/Remove words

Sometimes you guess a word which is not known and thus rejected. If you're sure that you entered a valid word you can add it by the use of the small lightbulb next to the word.
And in addition sometimes unsuitable words might be in the database. You can remove these with the same lightbulb.

Sharing your result

Once you guessed the word correctly, you can share your result. On smartphones sharing is supported with different Apps if you use a local browser.
Within the native myApps client, the share button just copies the result to your clipboard.


You can use the statistics button to view your own statistics and also the top 10 results of the current day.
You can also take a look at the words from the day before.

Playing without myApps account

You can share the URL from your WordGuess App installation and people can play WordGuess without a myApps user account.
Simple copy the URL from the App object and append a .htm, e.g.:

Users without myApps account won't be able to see the company statistics, just their own!



File:Innovaphone-wordguess.png This is the standard WordGuess app.

PBX Manager Plugins


With the WordGuess plugin App Objects can be created, edited and deleted on the PBX.


  • Install the WordGuess App via App Store to the App Platform.
  • Create a instance on the WordGuess App Service on the App Platform Manager.
  • Create a new PBX Object for the WordGuess App with the PBX Manager Plugin.
  • Assign the WordGuess App to normal users by selecting the config template that should include the App.


Trace flags for App on App Platform:

  • App
  • Database
  • AppWebsocket

Trace flags for myAPPS Client:

  • Browser Console

Known issues

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