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Applies To

  • innovaphone PBX version 13r3 and up
  • innovaphone desk-phones with at least a V13 firmware (mini 13r1)


The goal of the app is that administrators are able to view and control innovaphone desk-phones with a V13 firmware remotely via an app. Basically it is a "virtualization" of the physical phone layout.

Supported phones:

  • IP10x (IP101 and IP102)
  • IP11x (IP111, IP112 and the modernized versions IP111A,IP112A)
  • IP1x0 (IP150A and IP160)
  • IP2x2 (IP222, IP222A and IP232)

Not implemented phone (yet):

  • IP110A
  • IP240A
  • IP241

Not supported phones:

  • IP150 (no V13 firmware available)
  • IP110 (no V13 firmware available)
  • IP200A (no V13 firmware available)
  • IP230 (no V13 firmware available)
  • IP240 (no V13 firmware available)
  • Wireless phones : IP61, IP62, IP63, IP64, IP65, IP72, IP73, d81


  • Device list filter by domain, on- and/or offline devices
  • Device list search by name, device-type, IP- or MAC-address and firmware (case-insensitive)
  • Auto-refresh of the phone-screen (depending of your bandwidth speed)
  • Function keys depending on the device-type
  • Registrations keys with state-indication (green: registered, dark grey: not configured, orange: disabled, red: registration failed) and information.
  • Keypad and keys depending on the device-type (look and feel of real device)
  • Changeable keyboard (Qwerty, Qwertz, Azerty)
  • Pre-defined actions and input-field to send command
  • Shortcut to access the Admin UI of the phone ( button on the top right)


Per user configured to use the myPhoneKeys-App an 'App(innovaphone-myphonekeys)'-license is needed
license info : myPhoneKeys App(innovaphone-myphonekeys) order number : 02-00050-011. Can be bought or rented


  • innovaphone AppPlatform
  • innovaphone myApps
  • innovaphone Devices Api (Part of Devices App)


  • Download the myPhoneKeys App via the App Store
  • Install the myPhoneKeys App on the App Platform
  • Create an instance of the myPhoneKeys App on the App Platform
  • Make sure the Instance is running
  • Create a new myPhoneKeys App Object with the PBX Manager Plugin (optional: assign to the correct template(s))
  • Assign the myPhoneKeys to authorized users using a Config Template (could be done in previous step too) or directly on the User Object
  • Assign 'innovaphone-myphonekeys'-licenses to the authorized users.
  • Assign the 'devices-api' to the myPhoneKeys App Object via the PBX Advanced UI ('Apps'-tab from the 'myPhoneKeys'-object (PBX/Objects))
  • Open the myPhoneKeys App

Technical Overview

Concept Scheme

The App Service receives incoming WebSocket Connections ('WebSocket'-checkbox ticket) from each myPhoneKeys App-Object in the PBX.
Over the granted 'Services'-API all further granted devices-apis (Apps-tab) are being connected to and read out (domains and phones/devices). The App service will so maintain a local, up-to-date list of domains and devices in-memory. Each licensed myPhoneKeys-App will requests this list of domains and devices on start-up and will be notified of updates (device/domain added/changed/deleted).
After selecting a phone to be monitored, the myPhoneKeys-app will request some useful information over the sysclient-connection from the phones; the same sysclient-connection is used to instruct the phone (touchscreen, function keys, dial-pad, ...) and show the screen of the phone.


Only one PBX app object is used and needed.

Parameters of the PBX App object:

URL: https://<ap.domain.tld>/<domain.tld>/<instance-name>/innovaphone-myphonekeys

Under tab "App"

to establish the connection with the Services
gives access to API provided by other App Services (devices-api from the Devices-App)

Under tab "Apps"

myPhoneKeys need to access to device API service, that need to be ticked under the listed Apps. hint: devices-api is the default-name given by the installer, but can be named differently depending on your configuration


If an issue can be reproduced

  • Open the console output of your browser (F12) or right-click/Inspect in the native client version of the myPhoneKeys App.
  • Clear the console output and reproduce the issue.
  • Copy/Paste or save the output as a text file and send attached in the support ticket.

If an issue is suspected on the App Service on the App Platform

  • Please use the App and App WebSocket trace flags.
  • Upon request from our support, it can be asked to pull current "Connection logs". To do so:
    • Doublecheck that the App-Instance has the 'App'-trace flag ticked.
    • Open on the burger menu of your myPhoneKeys App (top right corner) and click ONLY one time on "Log Service Connections".
    • Go to your App Platform and get the logs of your myPhoneKeys instance App services.

Known Issues


When the connection to the devices-api has been lost due to Devices-Instance has been restarted, myPhoneKeys cannot instruct/display any phone anymore.


  • Re-activate the 'WebSocket'-flag or 'Services'-flag from the App-tab, or
  • Restart the myPhoneKeys-instance


When the myPhoneKeys-app cannot load the LCD screen dump, this is probably due to an untrusted certificate on the App Platform.

Workaround 1 (advised):

  • Upload a valid certificate to the Reverse Proxy and/or App Platform

Workaround 2:

  • Click on the link in the error-message. A new page will open with a warning.
  • Check if OK and (if so) overrule the warning, so the certificate is trusted by myApps
  • Go back to the myPhoneKeys-app and re-select a Device