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These release notes describe the IP29(-x) Hardware Builds starting with build 200 (except IP29-20)

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Hardware IP29/IP29-2/IP29-4

IP29 HW200

8376 - additional cooling parts

additional cooling plate for SLIC cooling
additional gap filler for MP8004

IP29 HW300

8351 - improved MP8004 heat flow

IP29 HW400

IP29 HW401

15477 - temporary usage of AC5014 instead of AC5012

IP29 HW600

149873 - Maritime devices are labeled as IP29-8-maritime

MAC range for further 250 devices is:

009033442ef5 – 009033442fee 

IP29-2 HW400

IP29-2 HW600

IP29-2 HW800

IP29-4 HW400

8377 - efficieny improvement

PCB layout prepared to improve SLIC power supply efficiency

IP29-4 HW600

31298 - correct AC_DDR_CLK routing, shorten PCB below LEDs by 0.3mm

HWID 500 skipped

IP29-4 HW800

IP29-8 HW610

22061 - Winbond SPI Flash change from revision J to F

Needs also new bootcode for new device ID

IP29-8 HW800

108199 - correct for 11mm wide DDR3L DualDie DRams

108200 - DSP with 64 resistors

108198 - eFuse capable, TI Spread Spectrum IC

108201 - PCB V700 (not in production) - added signals for 2GiByte DRam

108202 - R324=spare