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The goal of the Tutorials app is to provide a quick way to get help when questions arise.



The Tutorials app provides a quick reference for learning how to use myApps. innovaphone provides video tutorials on how to use common features. Alternatively you can create your own tutorials app containing videos embedded on your website.


  • Provide tutorials for users
  • A shortcut to the tutorials app is available in the burger menu of myApps


  • Users need access to the tutorials video website. If you want to use videos provided by innovaphone, users will need Internet access.
  • Videos provided by innovaphone are available in H.264 and webm. The used video player has to be able to play either of those formats.


  • innovaphone PBX
  • Website hosting the tutorials.(You can use innovaphone's tutorials webpage)
  • Used firmware has to be at least 13r2

Things to know before you begin

  • The URL to the website hosting the tutorials


Create app object

The first step is to create an app object for your tutorial app. This app object must have a name and a long name. These names can be chosen freely, but remember that users will see the long name of the app in his myApps client.


In the App tab of the object, you need to define the URL pointing to the website hosting the tutorial content. You can use innovaphone tutorials by configuring this URL: .


Grant access to the tuorials app

The next step is to allow the user to use the Tutorials app. This can be done either on the "Apps" tab of the user object or via a config template.


Create a shortcut in the burger menu of the myApps client

As mentioned before you can create an entry in the Burger menu of the myApps client to have a quick link to the tutorials page.


You have to add the name (h323id) of your tutorial object as tutorial app under PBX->Config->myApps.



  • Search for the tutorials app in the All Apps area of your myApps client and press the icon. A new window (IFRAME) will open which redirects you to the tutorials web page
  • Go to the burger menu of your myApps client. A shortcut to the tutorials app is available.

Known issues

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