Howto:Connect to MX-ONE via H.323

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3rd party input
this is 3rd party content not provided by innovaphone, see history for authors.

Applies To

This information applies to

All innovaphone gateways with V6 and V7.

Tested with IP800.

Problem Details

It is not possible to establish a H.323 connection without specifying the name of the Innovaphone unit in the MX-ONE, it is however not nessesery to specify a name of the MX-ONE in the Innovaphone, just not good practice.

System Requirements

IP-connection to MX-One


This is an example using IP800 version 7:

MX-ONE connection setup:






IP800 connection setup:

Connect to MX-ONE via H.323 01.png

Known Problems

Suppress HLC must be turned on. If not, I could not make my IP110's work. They could not make calls to the MX-ONE. However, the ASCOM DECT phones and analog phones (IP24) was OK without the Suppress HLC turned on!!!!

Calls from MX-ONE to the Innovaphone system worked regardless of the Suppress HLC was on or off

Only basic features are tested.