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FAQ: Could someone explain how diversion filter at the user opject would work and how they should be used for?

Answer: You can use diversion filters to exclude special numbers for being diverted. Those filter options are set directly on the diversion. As an example you can use a diversion to your voice-mailbox. If you don't want to divert internal extensions to your Voice-mailbox set the filter to "only from selected numbers" and on the next site of the diversion window enter a "0" as number. All external calls will have an attached Zero on their cgpn and will be diverted.

At the user object you can set also an additional filter called "diversion filter". This is something completely different as on the diversion itself. That's a filter which only works on diversions. Because sometimes the normal filter for called numbers shouldn't work on diversion too. Therefore create a special filter under global settings, and choose it in the diversion filter drop down list.

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