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Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP 6000, V6 SR1
  • IP 800, V6 SR1
  • IP 302/305, V6 SR1

More Information

Which size should the card have? 
The card should have at least 64 MB, because it uses FAT32. Cards with up to 32GB were tested successfully.
Is there a formula to calculate the space for one mail box user? 
Assuming we have G.711, a voice mail (120 seconds maximum) has 960 kByte, because 8 kByte/s are used and assuming we have G.729, a voice mail has 120 kByte, because 1 kByte/s is used.

So it's now on you to estimate the amount of voice mails one of your users will have and how many voice mail users you have.

Is there a recommended card speed? 
Yes, especially if you run Linux Application Platform on IPxx10, we recommend a CF card with at least 90 MB/s, e.g. SanDisk Extreme PRO. For all other purposes on Gateway without Linux support, a SanDisk Ultra with 30MB/s will do.
Are there recommended manufacturers/cards? 
Yes. We recommend to use SanDisk cards, because we made the best experiences with them. But in general, each card should be supported. For SanDisk cards, please use Extreme or Extreme PRO.
Is it possible to put MOH on the compact flash card? 
Yes, this is possible.
How about wear leveling on the Compact Flash cards? What are you doing in that regard? 
Wear leveling is done by compact flash card hardware. Please keep in mind: the more free space do you have on the card the better wear leveling works. SanDisk cards are known to have very good wear leveling performance.
Are there further requirements when the LinuxAP is used?

Yes, see CF-Card Requirements for LinuxAP

Known Problems

Old gateways 
Older revisions of the IP6000 have problems with certain CF card manufacturers. Please use the recommended Sandisk cards here. Revisions since hardware 300 do not have this issue any more.
Missing DMA support
Old CF Cards does not support DMA, the IP6000/IP800 did not need the DMA. If you use an IP6010 than you need CF Cards with DMA. When you use an IP6010 with old CF Cards, and the card is not working please start an trace than you see NO DMA mode Supported NO Valid CF-Card If you see this message in the trace please replace the CF card.
CF-Cards and ESD 
CF cards have typically a metal coated surface. It's possible that electrostatic discharge (ESD) flow through this interface and disturb a device. In general compact flash cards are sensitive to ESD and can be damaged. To prevent ESD damage, you can use a ESD wrist or ankle strap.
CF-Cards not always recognized 
We discovered that a CF card might not be recognized correctly if it is inserted too slow... If you push it quite fast into the slot, the card is always recognized.

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