Howto:Installing the voicemail/music on hold on a compact flash card

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Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP 6000, V6 SR1
  • IP 800, V6 SR1
  • IP 302/305, V6 SR1

Problem Details

Installing the voicemail (vm) on a compact flash card (cf) or installing music on hold (moh) on the cf card.


Please download the current vm files from (v6 release -> vm). Install this package anywhere on your local pc. Now you have to copy your preferred language to the cf card. There are different possibilities to do this:

  • You have a card reader connected to your pc.
  • You can connect to the cf card (which is plugged into our box) using the build in webdav client of windows xp (and above). Here you have to connect a network drive to http://your-ip/DRIVE/CF0.
  • You can open the card via Internet Explorer (V5 and above). Go to the diagnostics page on the left menu and open the CF menu item. There click the link "Browse CF Content (Explorer, IE only)". Now you can drag your local vm folder and drop it here.
  • You can connect to the card via an external webdav client.

For MOH, just copy your wished MOH to a directory on the CF card.




Music on Hold

To change the default Music on Hold in the PBX, configure the Music On Hold URL under Reference10:PBX/Config/General.

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