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Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP 110 / IP 150, V6, V7

More Information


The headset mode can be switched on/off by the config command.

To activate:


resp. this command to deactivate:


followed by a "reset".

The headset mode is indicated by a headset symbol in the status line.

If the phone is in headset mode:

  • the phone assumes that a headset is plugged instead of the handset
  • any hook switch signals are ignored, i.e. the phone stays on hook
  • inbound calls can be accepted and directed to the headset by pressing the R-key
  • outbound calls can be dialed by entering the number and then pressing the Redial-key
  • calls can be disconnected via the Disconnect-key
  • on a remote disconnect the busy tone is played for about 2 seconds and then stopped ( "!config add PHONE SIG /autorel 0" will suppress the busy tone completely )
  • hands free conversations are controlled as usual by the speaker button
  • the ring tone is played through the speaker and, at low volume, through the headset too. The general ring tone volume is configured as usual at the phone or via the WEB interface.
  • the relative volume of the ring tone played through the headset can be changed by the config command "!config add INCA_DSP /headset-ring <volume>" where <volume> runs from 0 (off) to 9 (max), the default <volume> is 1.
  • ringing through the speaker can be switched off by the config command "!config add INCA_DSP /headset-only".

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