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Applies To

This information applies to

iQM Agent Build 80071 and later.

More Information

This feature can be switched on and off in the setup of an iQM Agent (Option “Colour Agent Table” in Container “LAYOUT AGENT VIEW”).

Up to now the list of the Agent was similar like this one and continuous being so if this feature is disabled:


The status is displayed (Idle, Busy, Presence tec.) and this is so even in the coloured version.

In the setup the colours can be set, also the colour of the background clicking on the preview field.


Coloured Icons

In the bar of the PC an icon appears if the iQMagent is running.

The frame of the icon indicates if a threshold is reached and a counter has a red alert colour.

The inner square indicates if the agent is logged or not. Therefore 4 possible statuses are possible:


  • No threshold overflow, User is logged
  • No threshold overflow, User is not logged
  • Threshold overflow, User is not logged
  • Threshold overflow, User is logged


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