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This description explains and shows in the first section how Phones can display iQM data.

The second section explains how a clever Agent Phone setup is done.

Applies To

iQM server version 1.44

innovaphone PBX and Phone version 9 hf14 and up

More Information

iQM works with Agents and they will have, hopefully, innovaphone IP-Phones. IQM works even if there are not connected innovaphone IP-Phones, but the following features will work well just using no 3tr party stuff.

So if in this description you find the expression “phone” the meaning is “innovaphone IP-Phone”.

Info mode

Some customer don’t like soft clients or the do not want to install them on the workplace of an Agent. But the main iQM information can even be displayed on the Phone; number of calls in the waiting queue, Number of ready (*) Agents and Number of abandoned calls.

(*) Remember that “ready” Agent is intended as a free and logged-in Agent.

The following picture shows the display of agent 24 talking with calling party 35123, there is one call waiting:


The format is CC-AA-LL where

CC=number of calls waiting in the queue

AA=number of ready agents

LL=number of abandoned calls.

Similar situation using an IP2x2 (37 is calling 35123, 1 Agent ready):


Example: 04-00-01 means 4 calls in the waiting queue, no ready Agent, 1 call abandoned.

No agent software has to be installed (but of cause it can be installed) because the iQMserver is updating the display of the Agent (and not the iQM Agent client).

This feature can be enabled individually and an Agent can switch on/off this indication.

The display shows data in real time, but only during ringing and talking on incoming calls. Well that is the typical basic call center situation (no call = no call).

The following picture shows the display of an IP230 while ringing (extension 37 is calling, 2 calls are in the queue):


Connect situation with IP2x2 series:


To force a phone display to show the info you have to assign in the PBX a group name “iQMinfo” to the Agent where you like this operational mode.

The Agent has to be a “Agent”, means being part of the Agent group (but he can be logged out).

The group can be a static one (and so the feature is always on) or an dynamic one (where the Agent can switch on/off this mode, recommended).

Please note for IP110/200/230/240 that the displayed info requires 8 digits of the 21 digits available on a IP110/200/230/240. If the caller has longer number than 13 digits this number will overwrite the iQM information. Being the most important info anyway the number of calls in the queue being displayed on the left site of the display almost that info will always be displayed (at least until the calling number is no longer than 19 digits). In many countries a national number has not more than 10 digits and an international number not more than 14.

IP2x2 Phones (and IP241) don't have this limitations.

Note also that in any case you will find always the correct number to recall in the recall list of the phone.

Phone Setup

Basically you have to configure a Softkey for logging in and out of the answer group. If you want to make switchable also the info mode you need a second Softkey.

Of cause the “labeling” of the key is country specific, we will propose an English text, up to you invent better labels.

The following picture shows a typical setup of the Phone:


The key “Exit Group” will toggle to “Join Group” if pressed (and of cause log out the Agent) while the key “Hide Info” will switch of the Info mode and display then “Show Info”.

Please note that the key “Exit Group” will also toggle if the iQM Agent software put the Agent out of the group. So the Keys show the real situation of the Phone, being in or out of the answering group.

The setup for the phone is quite simple:


In the example Key 4 and 5 will join to a group, 4 will toggle in/out the answer group while key5 is configured to switch on/off the info mode.

In the PBX the Agent are in the group “MyPrimeAgents” and “Show Info”. Remember that an Agent has to be also in a static group shared with the iQM:


This group in the example is named “Userinfo”.

Known Problems

The Display-Info doesn't work when the phone is also configured with an external LDAP-directory. In this case, the information displayed by the IQM will be overwritten by the LDAP-lookup-result.

As a result, you cannot use an external LDAP-directory together with the Display-Info feature.

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