Howto:Import PBX userlist into ESTOS MetaDirectory using XML

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This article provides information about import of PBX users data from a CSV file into the ESTOS MetaDirectory after export from PBX XML interface.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • ESTOS MetaDirectory 2
  • All V6 PBX platforms

Build v6 and later.

More Information

Problem Details

Since ESTOS MetaDirectory does not support direct XML data import, but CSV file import, it is possible to use the script provided in Howto:Export PBX userlist from PBX with e164 numbering schema to prepare the CSV data.

System Requirements

It is assumed that the provided script to export XML user data to CSV is running on the same host with ESTOS MetaDirectory.


It is assumed that all related files are placed in C:\php5 on the host running MetaDirectory.

$filename = "C:\php5\phonebook.csv";
    • set normalize to false, if no E.164 numbering plan is used
$normalise = false;
  • create a batch file get_pbx_users.bat:
@echo off
C:\php5\php.exe C:\php5\get_pbx_users.php > C:\php5\get_pbx_users.log
  • check that the file is OK, by executing it from command line, the file C:\php5\phonebook.csv should be created. If not, check C:\php5\get_pbx_users.log for error messages
  • in MetaDirectory create a new replicator(CSV)
    • use C:\php5\phonebook.csv as source file
    • assign field maps
    • as "Precursory application" use:
  • test the replicator, check C:\php5\get_pbx_users.log for errors

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