Howto:Innovaphone LDAP on Cisco Linksys SPA IP phones

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This document describes how to configuring Innovaphone LDAP on Cisco Linksys SPA IP phones. The LDAP search feature, when configured and enabled on an IP phone, allows a user to search and dial a specified object.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • Innovaphone PBX v7
  • Cisco Linksys SPA IP phones supporting LDAP


Before you use the LDAP search feature, you need to know some Innovaphone PBX parameters:

  • PBX IP address
  • PBX name
  • ldap access credentials

Configure LDAP parameters of Cisco Linksys phone as below pictures shows.


LDAP Dir Enable: enable or disable LDAP feature

LDAP Corp Dir Name: the name displayed on your phones Directory

LDAP Server: IPaddress of Innovaphone PBX

LDAP Auth Method: SIMPLE

LDAP Client DN: Innovaphone ldap username

LDAP Username: Innovaphone ldap username

LDAP Password: Innovaphone ldap password

LDAP Search Base: cn="PBX NAME"

LDAP Last Name Filter: cn:(cn=*$VALUE*)

LDAP First Name Filter: sn:(sn=*$VALUE*)

LDAP Display Attrs: a=cn;a=sn;n=Phone,a=e164,t=p; display last name and object phone number to call


You can troubleshooting LDAP problems using Innovaphone RPCAP features in conjunction with wireshark.

Example of successful query: Wireshark ldap.PNG