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Some services or products use a data connection to the vendor system. Innovaphone will provide his services from the following IP-networks:

To configure your firewall accordingly, allow those entire networks as shown above.


STUN Service for all customers (udp/3478)

Note: It is not a good idea to use innovaphone's STUN server. Although this server would yield the same results, there is no guarantee of availability. Your ISP or SIP provider's STUN should do better


TURN fallback service on port 443 for all customers (tcp/443)

Note: This TURN server shall only be used as 443 fallback server. It is not intended to be used as your regular TURN server as it is not designed as a primary TURN server. Do not use either.


Provisioning System for all devices (tcp/http/https)


Push for iOS, Android, Huawei and Browser Clients (tcp/https/wss)

Push legacy

Legacy Push for iOS, Android and Huawei Clients (tcp/http/https/ws/wss)

Note: Please migrate to the new Push Concept!

Store (tcp/http/https)

Devices/Rental (tcp/https)


innovaphone provides a public certificate download for used public keys.

If needed, you can trust them manually or distribute them via device's configuration.

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