Howto:MyPBX and roaming Profiles (e.g. Citrix) - myPBX forgetting login info

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Applies To

This information applies to

  • myPBX in V10, V11r1, V11r2 and 12r1 (any platform)

More Information

Problem Details

We have seen a number of complaints about myPBX "forgetting" the users log-in data when used from multiple PCs (e.g. with Hot Desking or Citrix/Terminal Server Environments). As a result, users need to re-enter their user name and password each time they start myPBX.

It appears that this issue is related to Internet Explorer 10. myPBX stores the log-in credentials in so called Web- or DOM-Storage. This is a users personal storage area available from JavaScript code and maintained by the browser. As myPBX - at least if started through the launcher - runs as a web page in Internet Explorer, it relies on Internet Explorer's implementation of this storage.

The details of the browser's DOM Storage functioning are implementation dependant. It looks though as if Microsoft's Internet Explorer from version 10 on changed the way it stores the DOM Storage on disk. It is now stored in the C:\Users\[User Profile]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache folder (supposedly in the WebcacheVnn.dat file). However, the AppData\Local folder normally is not roamed! When roaming, the user's DOM Storage gets lost thus.


You need to include the AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache folder with the roaming profile.

Of course, the same symptom will show up if the DOM storage is for whatever reason disabled in the first place, either manually or through group policies.

From v12r1 on, the login credentials will be stored in the registry too.


Thanks to BITBURGER BRAUGRUPPE GmbH for tracking down the root of this issue.