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Applies To

This information applies to

  • all innovaphone PBX´s v7 and later

Tools clipart.png FIXME: The Billing software(Software) use in this article is no longer supported by innovaphone. Therefore this article is obsolete.

More Information

This article describes how to configure a projectcode/pincode solution together with billing/accounting application (Samwin CAS). If a project code is need to getting trunk access or for charging calls for a special project. Also for separating private calls and business calls with a pin and charging them separately.

Problem Details

If every user (> 100 users) needs an own private pin then this solution is not suitable, as the pins must be configured in the gateway aka "relay".

System Requirements

If also a report should be generated like on call amount then Samwin CBC must be used for billing/accounting purpose.

innovaphone Configuration

For using the pin you first dial into a waiting queue and then enter the pin. In the waiting queue there are DTMF destinations configured, so in this case you dial 8402 (for the WQ. Then you hear the waiting queue announcement (could be please enter your project or private pin). Enter your pin, e.g 2222 and the destination number including the trunk line access( e.g 00049703173009).


Now as 2222 is dialed the DTMF destination 2 rules and 8722222 is called. The gateway object matches as it has 872 as number.

Via a gateway object the calls are routed into the relay.

Pincode Project 2.png

In the relay the 872 is mapped and then the pin codes (e.g 2222) is stripped and the call is routed back into the PBX and out via your trunk line.

Pincode Pin 3.jpg

Samwin CBC Configuration

To differentiate private calls/project calls from "normal" calls , you need to configure a bundle. Like in that picture bundle 007* is gateway 7 in the innovaphone gateway, as bundle 001* is the gateway 1 in the innovaphone gateway.

Pincode Samwin private.png

Samwin is recognizing his call as a private/project call and thus doing call reports also based on Pin code.

Pincode Samwin private 1.png

The gateway CDR´s are used, Samwin is using the src_cdpn for recognizing the pin.


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