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Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP 110, V6
  • IP 200A, V6
  • IP 230, V6
  • IP 240, V6
  • MS Office 2003 German Version and later release
  • MS Windows XP Pro German Version

Build V6 relase and later.

More Information

Save Excel Directory as CSV with the right format Comma-Separated Values (Comma instead of a Semicolon).

Problem Details

If you try to save the Excel sheet as CSV you get with the German version of Office and Windows a CSV file. If you open the file with the nomal editor you can see that the CSV file did not have the right format. You get a Semicolon instaed of a Comma. With this file you are not able to upload the Phone Directory of a IP 110, IP 200A, IP 230 and IP 240.

This is a problem from MS Office and the Speech and Region settings of Windows.


Now you can use a text editor with search and replace the Semicolon with the Comma.

There is also a smart workaround for this problem. If you have opened the Excel sheet with MS Excel you can change the Speech and Region Settings from German to English US. Then you save the Excel sheet with the format CSV Comma-Separated Values *.csv. Change the Speech and Region back to German.

If you open the CSV file with the editor you can see that the format of the CSV is correct. Now you are able to upload the csv file to your phone.

Known Problems

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