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Some customer has the requirement to record calls in the out of office period with an answering machine. The innovaphone voice mail is a perfect solution for this kind of problem, but some time even too powerful and expensive for just doing a recording on just one single phone (usually the “night service” number).

Typically those customers are not quit large and they do not need a voice box for each extension. In huge organization we found some time that there is just on office or department requiring this type of service, so again just one “answering machine” is needed for a complete PBX. For that kind of cases this XML could be help.

Applies To

This information applies to

• innovaphone PBX, V7,V8

More Information

The customer can record a greeting and a caller will hear the greeting (“Sorry we are out of ….”) followed by a “beep” and can then leave a message. At the end of the call an instant message is send to a extension to notify a new record. If the message is opened and the receiver is lifted the record is reproduced. Please note that if the caller drops the line during the greeting (no message) no notify is done. The message can be listened again just openeing again the instant message and lift the reciever. The handling is very simple, please remember that you can access to the incoming messages also directly pressing the “R” key on the phone. There is no localization, but on the other hand there is just one system prompt (“Recording” if you record the greeting) and one single text (“Call from:”) used.

Problem Details

There are up to 50 record stored on the CF, from file “1.g711a” to file “50.g711a”. In the text file “TAMcnt.txt” the xml stores the write pointer. If a call came in the counter will be read out, increased and then restored for the next call. The message is then recorded in the counter.g711 file. If the call ends the xml send an instant message to the extension indicated in the file “TAMuser.txt”. In the message body is indicated the number of the caller, timestamp is done automatically by the PBX. As called number is stated the number of the XML for listening (stored in the file “TAMnumber.txt”) and the record counter. So lifting the receiver a XML is called and passed the record number and so the file played. Quite simple.


Just copy the contents of package provided in the download section in a directory of the CF. Now edit the file, please note that there are jet values in to give an idea of the format.

- TAMuser.txt: insert the extension number of the IP-Phone which should handle the records (must be an innovaphone IP-Phone).

- TAMnumer.txt: insert the number of the XML (VM object) in your PBX which will handle the listening (TAMplay.xml).


You have to create 3 Voicemail Object in your PBX:

- TAMann.xml for recording the greeting

- TAMrec.xml for recording the messages, this will be the number where your knight service will point.

- TAMplay.xml is the “hided” object called by the instant message and plays the file.

Known Problems

Here some limitations, particularly if compared with the Voice Mail:

- separate XML necessary for record, configuration and operation (so 3 VM Objects in the PBX)

- no e-mail support (message to e-mail or notification)

- no direct call to the caller possible (you have to copy manually the number of the caller)

- max. 50 messages, if the machine is full the oldest message will be overwritten

- no warning message for the caller if machine is full or message length is expired

- only G.711a codec are supported

- maximum greeting length 20 seconds

- maximum message length 30 seconds

- innovaphone IP-Phone necessary for control and listen the messages

- no remote access to the service from outside