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Product Name

MediterraneanConsulting Sites Manager

Certification Status

Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Testing of this product has been finalized 11th February, 2022.





Mediterranean Consulting is a consulting firm founded by experienced consultants specializing in strategy, technology, organization, and quality.

Growth and evolution are the basis for developing our professional team, which allows us to ensure the appropriate level of customer service.

Our unique identity is defined by our close-knit relationships and empathetic approach to clients. We do everything from the redesign of an organization, based on process improvement, to its implementation. In other words, we are steadfast partners with our clients until the end.

The relationships established with our clients are based on collaboration and commitment to results.

Mediterranean Consulting


Sites manager is an application that allows you to centrally and easily manage access to a company's corporate applications (ERP, CRM, other information systems, etc.)

Refer to the Mediterranean Consulting product pages for Sites Manager


Buttons can be created to access different web pages in a simple way. The image of each button can be customized.

All links -URLs- to corporate applications are managed centrally from Sites Manager. The administrator configures for each user the applications to which they´ve access and in this way the user from myapps can access them in a comfortable and simple way.


One license per user with any number of devices.

This license is user-based. This license is debited if the function is configured for a user on the PBX – independent of the usage (no Floating)!


Compatible innovaphone firmware versions

  • innovaphone V13
  • innovaphone V14

Application versions used for interop testing

  • Mediterranean Consulting Sites Manager Version 2.0
  • Tested on pbx IP311 firmware version V13r3 sr12.
  • Available in the innovaphone App store.


In PBXManager the Sites Manager is configured.

Sites 001.jpg

In ALL APPS, the App Sites Manager is selected so that it appears in the Home.

Sites 002.jpg

The App Sites Manager opens and a new website-app (here: Reuters) is created.

Sites 003.jpg

In the Home we have the Reuters button.

Sites 005.jpg

With which you can open the web page.

Sites 004.jpg


Mediterranean Consulting Barcelona S.L.
C/Marinel·lo Bosch 115-B
08222 Terrassa / Barcelona / España
Tel: +34 93 537 12 22