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  • Order Process for the myApps Cloud v13

The article describes the order process of a myApps Cloud PBX.

The installation and the use of the "myApps Cloud Service" requires the conclusion of a set of documents between the reseller (or the end-customer, or the reseller on behalf of the end-customer) and innovaphone. There is an online process in place, which will guide you through the process.

Use the following steps, to apply for a myApps Cloud instance:

Step 1:

  • Use your already existing credentials to access
    • In case you do not have an account yet, please create a new personal user account.
      Important: Please enter your real name and a valid business e-mail address including a company domain. Fictitious (such as it@..., innovaphone@..., tech@..., etc.) or private email addresses (such as,,, etc.) are not permissible and will lead to a rejection of the documents.

  • Every personal user account can be associated to various company accounts.
    • In case you want to create a new company please press 'Create new company'.
    • Is the company already existing on, kindly ask a responsible person to invite you to this company (button 'invite person', and enter your email address).

  • For every single company, you might now add an independent contract (button 'add contract')
    • If you have been invited to a company and you do not see the button 'add contract', check the 'Authorized persons'-tab and verify your permissions in this company account.

  • Select 'myApps Cloud service' contract and continue the guidance.
    Notice: The 'myApps Cloud service' needs the following documents to be accepted:
    • 'myApps Cloud service', which contains the conditions of the cloud service,
      conclundig by pressing <Submit offer "myApps Cloud Service">
    • 'Software rental', which is a frame contract and has to be accepted only once,
    • 'Data processing agreement'
      conclundig by pressing <Accept offer "data processing agreement">.

  • On the last page, you will be asked 'Which domain can be used to identify the installation?'
    Notice: To create a cloud instance, a unique and meaningful domain name is needed. This domain name is essentially used:
    • as System Name inside your Cloud PBX,
    • to create internal user names (if you are considering to use federation in future, it might be helpful to use the same domain name, you are using already as company email),
    • to identify your cloud instance in the Devices App (perhaps, in a future stage, you may have more than one domain to manage, thus, a meaningful domain name is very helpful).

  • As soon as the process is concluded, you will receive a copy of the submitted documents by email.

Step 2:

  • Following, innovaphone will check the submitted information. If everything is fine, the myApps Cloud Contract will be accepted by innovaphone.
  • The respective cloud instances will be created by innovaphone and by email, you will receive an installation link, generally about 24 hours after registration.

Step 3:

  • Within a time-frame of 10 days, you should
    • carry out the installation, which will take eventually 5 to 10 minutes (details here), and
    • the Cloud Instance has to be in operations, using iSC.

In case of doubts, please enter in contact with

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