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Product Name

Jusan WeTeam

Certification Status

App not yet available in innovaphone-appstore


Inbound-/Outbound Contact Center Applications, incl. Automated Call Distribution and IVR



Smart telephony solutions for companies, with recognized and certified products in the telecommunications market: Turn-key solutions for Contact Centers, Professional Call Recording solutions, Vocal servers, VoiceBots & ChatBots and made to measure IVR, Call billing and traffic analysis. We help communication with customers via any channel, creating new and closer communication experiences.

Jusan - About us


Cloud-based contact center for social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Live Chat and SMS) that provides a single interface for handling chat messages, chatbots and video calls.

Jusan - About WeTeam


  • Contact center for Social Networks.
  • WhatsApp & Telegram, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, WebRTC VideoCall, customizable Web-Chat widget, Email, SMS.
  • Cloud-based.
  • Single integrated agent screen for the management of all channels.
  • Programmable screen displaying real-time activity counters, showing chats and emails in queue, agent activity, waiting time, conversations in progress, number of completed conversations and daily statistics.
  • Statistics that allow the traceability of all data passing through the system and allow planning the workload.
  • PC, tablet or Smartphone (Android / iOS) - full mobility for agents.
  • Distribution and monitoring rules according to availability and skill criteria.
  • Possibility for an agent to transfer messages to a more suitable agent.
  • Message queues on hold, allowing incoming chat requests to be managed when there is no agent available.
  • Programmable automatic responses (closed customer, service center, waiting messages, etc.)
  • Integration with CRM and company databases to identify or send information to customers.
  • Communication by videocall using WebRTC technology between selected clients and agents.
  • Sending and receiving files, images & videos in real time.


Pay-per-use web application.


If the system is installed on your own server, it is necessary to enable port 3000 and 443 in the firewall.

Chrome current versions.

Facebook / Instagram modules

Facebook Business page or Instagram account linked to the Facebook page.

At the time of installation, it is necessary to have access (username and password) to an account administering the Facebook company page and Instagram.

WhatsApp Dialog module

At the time of installation, it is necessary to have access (username and password) to the Facebook Business account administering the Facebook company page and Instagram. To obtain a Facebook business account, it is mandatory to comply with Meta's business policies:

The Facebook Business account does not have to be verified, but it is necessary, at least, that the Business Info fields of the account are updated and accurate.

(IMPORTANT: The email account with which the Facebook

Business account is created, its domain must match the web page defined in the Website field).

The phone must be able to receive SMS or calls without prior IVR.

Dedicated phone in which Whatsapp cannot be used for other purposes.

Access to the Facebook Business account as administrator (by the client).

Access to the email account that will be in charge of managing Dialog 360 (by the client).

Company data:

  • Name of the company.
  • Name of the person responsible for the account.
  • Email address of the person responsible for the account.
  • Password to be defined, which they will have to remember later.

Email module

Create an IMAP mail account within the domain for system management (server, port, address, user and password).

Provide the SMTP address of the receiving account (server, port, protocol).

Provide the email accounts to be managed by the program.

Provide the addresses of the agents that will receive the mails.

Web-Chat module

Insertion of the Script provided by Jusan in your web page. Customizable corporate colors (max 2).

Insertion of the Script provided by Jusan in your web page.

Customizable corporate colors (max 2).

Possibility to limit the sending of messages from only the domain/s previously established, so that the messages will arrive only from these websites. In case you want this functionality, it is necessary to provide the corresponding domains.

Automatic opening of the chat or after requesting the customer's name, email and phone number.

Twitter module

Creation of the application according to documentation. The 4 values indicated at the end of the process must be returned.


Compatible innovaphone firmware versions

  • innovaphone V13r2

Application versions used for interop testing

  • Jusan WeTeam 2022
  • innovaphone V13r2sr12


The configuration will be handled by Jusan after collecting the following configuration information from the customer:

WeTeam Messages:

  • Maximum response time (in seconds): Response time to customer's first message.
  • Maximum queue time (in seconds): Maximum time the customer remains in the queue.
  • Waiting message: Message displayed before closing the conversation for exceeding the maximum response time.
  • Timeout message: Message displayed before closing the conversation for exceeding the maximum time in queue
  • Welcome message: Message displayed when starting the conversation
  • Closed message: Message when contacting the call center after hours

Groups: Attention queues / Opening schedule / Holidays

Agents: Agents' names / Belonging to attention queue(s) / JPG photo file

ITR Schematic: Schematic of the ITR if it is to be used

Other configurations:

  • Global Chat timeout since last customer message received (in seconds)
  • Blocking time to an agent after exceeding the maximum response time (in seconds)
  • Allow the agent to have open conversations as well as phone calls (YES/NO)
  • Maximum number of conversations assigned to an agent
  • Parameter that closes all conversations at the indicated time (HH:mm)
  • Action to be performed when there are no active agents (queue, no action)


Jusan, s.a.
Ricardo Vázquez
Calle Vivero, 5, 1-1
Tel: (+34) 91 456 01 10

For any questions please refer to our contact page.