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Product Name

Web Interface for innovaphone Conference Object

Certification Status

Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.




Tobias Rust
Weichselstr. 1
DE-12043 Berlin, Germany


The conference website provides convenient access to the innovaphone conferences. This access can also be used by external participants without a PBX user and myApps/myPBX client.

  • The conference website uses the standard innovaphone APIs.
  • The same functions are available as for the myApps/myPBX web clients.
  • Applications can only be shared from the installed Windows client (myApps or myPBX).
  • All texts can be edited very simple in JavaScript Variables.


  • An innovaphone PBX with a configured conference object including DSP channels.
  • Reverse proxy with external access (public IP, DNS, certificate).
  • STUN / TURN server.
  • Web server or Linux AP.

The User needs a WebRTC compatible Browser (i.e. Firefox or Chrome). Chrome works very well.


Conference home

Enter the room number and PIN


Conference homepage with invitation

Room number and PIN can be specified in the URL, e.g. for email invitations


Video call view

The active speaker is always displayed


Video call fullscreen


Competitive Analysis

The innovaphone Conference Object is a very simple and easy way to use Audio and Video Conferences inside your PBX. Dial-in from PSTN is included by default.

With the innovaphone Reverse proxy and these scripts, the customer can provide the video functions to external users and guests without buying an extra solution or paying for yearly plans.

This solution works very well in cloud and hosting scenarios.


  • innovaphone v12r2 & v13


Explanation and handover of the scripts for the conference solution and a joint first-time setup takes a half-day session (~ 625,- EUR) and can be done via remote. After that, the scripts can be used and modified in all your projects.


Tobias Rust
Weichselstr. 1
DE-12043 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 1525 3600777