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Applies To

This information applies to

  • all innovaphone Gateways

Build 06-604000701 and later.

More Information

With V6 you have a own License for Gatekeeper

What is a Gatekeeper in general?

  • A Gatekeeper/Registrar takes registrations from Endpoints (Gateways, Phones )
  • Thus the Gatekeeper is possible to route Calls to Endpoints without configuring their IP address
  • Can determine what Endpoints are not available / not registered and so re-route

without trying first to give the call to the not available / not registered Endpoint.

In general the Gatekeeper is used at innovaphone for:

When using more Gateways (without PBX) in a Network –therefore a practicable/advisable configuration is, that you use one of the Gateways as a Gatekeeper too. The other Gateways register at this Gatekeeper. The routing of the calls will be central configured on this Gatekeeper.

Therefore you need on this Gateway one Gatekeeper License.

NO Gatekeeper License is needed for:

  • connecting multiple innovaphone PBX´s
  • using ENUM

In these scenarios you will need a Gatekeeper License:

  • If you have to connect Third Party Media Gateways to innovaphone Gateway
  • If you have to interconnect two ore more “Old Pabx “ via IP and connecting them via Qsig Tunneling- that means you connect these “Old Pabx´s “with the Qsig Protocol.
  • If you have to interconnect ISDN devices requiring transparent transport of the LLC ISDN-Elements (Low Layer Compatibility) via IP
  • If you connect more than two “Old Pabx “via IP with Qsig or Isdn.
  • If you have a mixed environment with more remote sites (and at least two old Pabx involved) like one site innovaphone PBX and on one site connected a“Old Pabx” to a innovaphone Gateway and on one site innovaphone PBX connected with a “Old Pabx”
  • Having only innovaphone environment on different sites – but no innovaphone PBX Locations concept configured. So they are all via the Relay connected and also the call routing between them is done via the Routes table.

For all this scenarios there is only one Gatekeeper License needed (as above).

This License is installed in one of the innovaphone Gateways where all the remote sites are connected to and there is done the voice routing between all sites.

An innovaphone Gateway can have a PBX and also a Gatekeeper installed. So it can act as a Gateway, Gatekeeper and Pbx.

The Gatekeeper License can be installed on IP202 with 4MB Flash ,IP21, IP400,IP800, IP3000, IP6000

With V6 you have the new nice feature to register Interfaces direct to a Gatekeeper or to a innovaphone PBX. If you connect Interface direct to an innovaphone PBX (can be on the same hardware or on any other innovaphone PBX in the network) – you do not need a Gatekeeper License for this.

We recommend to connect innovaphone Gateways via H.323 and not via Sip because there is much more Feature support when connecting innovaphone devices via H.323.

When you have installed the Gatekeeper License you see on Gateway/VoIP/GWx –in the Mode option the possibility of choosing a Gatekeeper /Registrar

GW Gatekeeper/Registrar Mode option

Here is a Scenario where you don’t need a Gatekeeper License.

A Traditional Pabx connected to a IP800 via ISDN (or Qsig ), on this IP800 is an innovaphone PBX installed and there is a remote site with a IP302 (also with running PBX).

This two PBX´s are connected via the innovaphone Locations Concept:

This two PBX´s are connected via the innovaphone Locations Concept

In special SIP scenarios you need the Gatekeeper License for having a SIP Registrar in the “Relay” (Voip Gateway)

If there is no innovaphone Pbx activated where the Sip Phones register or you want to register the SIP Clients in the “Relay” (VOIP Gateway)

The Registrar works like the Gatekeeper describes above

What makes a Sip Registrar in detail? Go to [1] The innovaphone Registrar is a Sip Proxy and a Sip Registrar (also sometimes called User Agent Server)

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