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This page shows the DHCP options that could be used to have the phone behave as it is configured currently.

So to determine DHCP option values that configure other phones like this one via DHCP, configure this phone as desired, then set the corresponding DHCP vendor options in your DHCP server.

Please note that you might need to disable DHCP on your phone to create the reference configuration. This is because if it is running as DHCP client and the DHCP server already provides options that affect your reference configuration, then these will override your local configuration.

  • Primary Gatekeeper
  • Secondary Gatekeeper
  • Gatekeeper Identifier
  • Coder
  • Dial Tones
  • Enblock Dialling Timeout
  • Faststart
  • Tunneling
  • Language
  • AM/PM Clock
  • Dialing Location
  • LDAP Directory

For more information see related Reference11r1:DHCP client.

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