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Boolean Object

This function monitors the state of the addressed Boolean Object in the innovaphone PBX.

Note: This function will only work if the monitoring user (i.e. the user configuring the key) receives group indications for the boolean object or if Subscribe for Dialog Info is used.

Current State

A Boolean Object as seen by the user is in one of four states:

  • Automatic Off State: The automatic mode FALSE rule applies
  • Automatic On State: The automatic mode TRUE rule applies
  • Manual Override Off State: The manual override FALSE rule applies (automatic mode rules are disabled)
  • Manual Override On State: The manual override TRUE rule applies (automatic mode rules are disabled)

The function key will indicate the current state of the boolean object as define in the respective Text, Icon and LED properties.

Boolean Object Identification

The number and/or name of the monitored boolean object is configured here.

Manual State Toggling

If the Toggle State is set, the function key operates as a toggle key. Each keystroke switches from the current state of the addressed boolean object to the next state in the sequence Automatic Off/On State / Manual Override Off State / Manual Override On State.

If there are no Text, Icon and LED settings for both the Automatic Off State and Automatic On State state, the function key will toggle between the Manual Override Off and Manual Override On states only.

Note: Toggling works only if a number is configured for the Boolean Object.

If this check-mark is not set pressing the key sets up a connection to the Boolean Object. The state of the Boolean Object can be changed then by entering DTMF codes.

Subscribe for Dialog Info

If this check-mark is ticked, the function key will obtain the boolean object's state information through a dialog subscription rather than with group indications.

Note: In order to make both options Subscribe for Dialog Info and Toggle State works, the visibility should be also configured with option "Calls" on the involved Boolean object, otherwise it will not work.

DTMF codes

Boolean objects can be controlled by calling them directly (i.e. without a function key). See Manual Override in Reference11r1:PBX/Objects/Boolean for details.