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The App Services Voicemail is an App Service which can be installed on an innovaphone App Platform. It is used to store, delete and play the voicemails from the pbx.


  • Database for voicemails
  • Visual Voicemail notification in myApps, Voicemail App on all myApps capable devices
  • Delete, Play and Download Voicemails
  • MWI on IP phones
  • Email notification with a .wav attachment of the voicemail file
  • Available languages German, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portiuguese, Swedish, Spanish, and Czech
  • Custom XML voicemail scripts can be enabled


innovaphone PBX and App Platform from on version 13r1



Voicemail App (innovaphone-voicemail)

Main app to manage the voicemails.


Voicemail XML Script

The PBX should be able to load the vm.xml file from the Voicemail App Service. Therefore the credentials(User, Password) under Tab Voicemail, must match with the credentials configured in the AP voicemail_xx-plugin of the PBX-Manager (Settings-section). Changing these credentials can be done best via the AP voicemail_xx-plugin of the PBX-Manager, as this plugin will adjust all the necessary (Voicemail-object and database-record of the Voicemail-instance).

To trace, if PBX can read the Voicemail XML from App Platform, activate the Trace flag on the Voicemail Object, PBX Trace in the Maintenance/Tracing, and make a call to the Voicemail to see if the vm.xml is transmitted correctly.

App WebSocket

The PBX should maintain a permanent WebSocket connection to the Voicemail App Service. On the Voicemail Object, under Tab Voicemail', check if Script URL show connected state. The Voicemail-objects password in the 'General'-tab is being used for this and checked against the Voicemail-instances password.

If not, check if the URL is correct and points to the service instance. The PBX should be able to resolve the DNS name and be able to connect to the Voicemail App Service on the App Platform. If all OK: re-configure the password on the instance and voicemail-object.

Known Problems

Incomplete attachments in email notification

For details see Support:V13r1_voicemail_-_incomplete_attachments_in_email_notification

Number resolution

Current version of the VoiceMail App do not use Search API provider to resolve numbers to names. Only display name of an internal extension can be used in the VoiceMail App to display callers name.

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