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The innovaphone OS and the App Platform coexist on the device. The App Platform uses the second CPU core and reserved memory. With enabled Linux support the necessary memory is reserved during the device reboot.


The Linux OS is in a non-local network. To access it with devices that have no proper routing configuration for it, Proxy ARP in the source network interface on this device must be enabled.

Linux kernel file: The Linux kernel file name on the CF card. For the App Platform it must be set to:
IPxx10 hardware: kernel-armv5te
IPx11 hardware: kernel-armv7te
IPxx13 hardware: kernel-arm64
Linux initrd file: The Linux initrd file name on the CF card if used. Not used for the App Platform.
Kernel command line: The kernel command line which is set at start-up. After a successful installation the value is root=/dev/sda3.
Ramdisk size: The size of the RAM disk in kBytes if used. Just used automatically during the installation.
Autostart Linux: If ticked, Linux is started automatically if the device reboots and Linux is not running.


For starting Linux a kernel binary must be uploaded or be provided via the flash disk. Via the kernel command line the kernel is informed where the root file system is found. It can be uploaded as temporary RAM disk (initrd) or be available on the flash disk as whole partition.

The App Platform image includes both the Linux Kernel and the root file system. The App Platform can be installed through App Platform/Installation


The shutdown link is available if the App Platform is running correctly and should be always used for a gracefull shutdown.


Stops the CPU of linux. If used, file system errors may occur afterwards!

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