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The authentication for myApps and myPBX is configured on this page.



  • Two-factor authentication Requires users to additionally approve their logins using an existing session or by clicking a link sent via email. (myApps only)
  • Passwords (myApps and myPBX)
    • PBX only Login is allowed with PBX user password only.
    • Netlogon only Login is allowed with Windows password only.
    • PBX and Netlogon Login is allowed with both PBX user password and Windows password.

Email verification

An email account that is used by the PBX for sending mails. It is used for:

  • Sending verification emails for two-factor authentication.
  • Emails from the voicemail object.


  • SMTP server The IP address or DNS name of the SMTP server.
  • Client host name The hostname or IP address for the EHLO message. Optional, defaulting to
  • Sender name A readable name that is used as the sender of the emails.
  • Email address The email address for sending mails.
  • Username The username of the email account.
  • Password The password of the email account.
  • Verification link The link that is used for accepting or rejecting sessions. Configure https://PBX-IP-or-DNS-name/PBX0/session.xml
  • Test Here you can send a test mail using the configured account.