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This object maps the dialed number to a new one optionally depending on the registration address of the calling endpoint. Matching of the registration address only works if the calling endpoint is registered on the PBX on which this object is defined (the PBX property of the Number Map object).

It may be used for abbreviated number dialling, or if used with registration address match to dial certain destinations depending on the physical location of the phone (e.g. to make sure the local emergency number is called).

See Reference13r2:PBX/Objects#General_Object_Properties for generic object properties.

Map Object specific config properties

Show call as diverted
If this checkmark is set, the call is forwarded as diverted by the Map object

Table of mappings

Define the IP network for which this destination address shall be used. If left blank no check on the registration address is performed.
Dest. No
|The number to be dialled

A MAP object can be member of the VIP group defined for an executive object . If the Dest. No is an executive object then, this object will accept calls through this Number MAP object as direct call to the executive. This only works if the 'Show call as diverted' checkmark is set.