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The Calculator App is used to perform various calculations.

Applies to

  • Calculator App


  • innovaphone PBX
  • innovaphone Application Platform
  • V13r3

PBX Manager Plugins


With the Calculator plugin the Calculator App Object can be created, edited and deleted on the PBX. Furthermore, config templates can be used for distribution to users via the PBX Manager plugin.

More information

Calculator App (innovaphone-calculator)


The Calculator app makes it possible to carry out simple and complex calculations on the go and at work. To do this, the calculator analyzes the input and calculates the correct solution, taking the calculation rules into account.




  • Basic Functionalities
    • Add and substract
    • Multiply and divide
    • Calculation with brackets
  • Advanced Functionalities
    • Calculations with trigonometric functions
    • Calculations and conversions with different number systems
    • More functions (square root, powers, factorial, ...)
  • History
    • Local storage
    • Insertable results


  1. Download the Calculator App via App Store.
  2. Install the Calculator App on the App Platform.
  3. Create an instance in the Calculator App on the App Platform.
  4. Make sure the Instance is running.
  5. Create via the PBX Manager Plugin a new Calculator App Object and assign the App to authorized users using a config template.

Calculator App - User interface

Displays the UI of the Calculator App
Calculator App UI

The UI is divided in 3 parts:

  • Display: Responsible for displaying input, result previews and setting the output number system
  • Menu: Access to advanced features, settings and history
  • Input: Input options for touch and mouse input


The top display is the input display. This shows the current input. If no calculation can be carried out with the current input, the text turns red. Below is the preview display. This shows the result that would result from the calculation of the input. It offers a selection of number systems into which the output can be converted.


The menu consists of collapsible sub-functions. On the left "Advanced", which opens up further functions in order to operate them with touch or mouse inputs. On the right "History" that saves the local history. Previous results can be inserted into the calculation here. In the middle are the settings for the calculator. Here you can set the angle unit and the number of decimal places you want.


The last part are the touch and mouse buttons. With those the calculator can be used for calculations via smartphones and other computers. In addition to these two input options, the keyboard can also be used to operate the calculator. To do this, enter the numbers and characters required for the calculation. Additionally there are corresponding buttons under fn for entering numbers from other number systems.

Restrictions / Known issues

  • Maximum permitted decimal place 14
  • Rounding of numbers when exceeding 16 digits


If any issue can be reproduced, take a screenshot and send this attached in your support ticket.

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