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Configure Messaging/SMS

Note: This SMS tab is only accessible if the Master mode is activated

  • Multicast: enable to send messages to multicast groups
    • Multicast groups are created in the Unite CM or in the Unite CS
    • In a Multiple Master System all users to be reached by a Multicast message must exist in the PARI Master
    • To support Multicast only Worf (KRCNB 30x , BS3x0) and DB1 RFPs shall be used.
  • Encryption: enable encrypted communication between the Master and the Unite module
    • When selecting or clearing the Encryption check box, it may take up to a couple of minutes until the Unite module is fully operational.
    • The Unite module support for encryption is depending on the Unite module software version.
  • IP Address: IP address of the Unite module to be used in the IP-DECT system
Disclaimer for UNITE integrations:

  - Mixed operation between ASCOM base stations and innovaphone base stations is never supported.

Special for the ASCOM sales-region DACH (Status July 2024):
  - UNITE integration is not supported by the manufacturer ASCOM
  - IMS3 integration is supported but not offered by the manufacturer ASCOM

  If you want to use an integration, you must either:
  a) only use ASCOM base stations with UNITE
  b) have a reseller/partner who can supply and support an IMS3 gateway

  According to our understanding, the UNITE integration on the innovaphone base stations is the same as that used in the ASCOM base stations. 
  Technical operation should therefore be possible without any problems.