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Configure Messaging/SMS

Note: This SMS tab is only accessible if the Master mode is activated

  • Multicast: enable to send messages to multicast groups
    • Multicast groups are created in the Unite CM or in the Unite CS
    • In a Multiple Master System all users to be reached by a Multicast message must exist in the PARI Master
    • To support Multicast only Worf (KRCNB 30x , BS3x0) and DB1 RFPs shall be used.
  • Encryption: enable encrypted communication between the Master and the Unite module
    • When selecting or clearing the Encryption check box, it may take up to a couple of minutes until the Unite module is fully operational.
    • The Unite module support for encryption is depending on the Unite module software version.
  • IP Address: IP address of the Unite module to be used in the IP-DECT system