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The Search App offers full text search in all searchable content of myApps and the apps.

Applies To

  • innovaphone PBX from version 14r1


  • innovaphone PBX
  • innovaphone myApps
  • Firmware V14r1 final


When the user enters a search string, the app broadcasts the corresponding request to all available search providers. Then it displays the incoming results of all types.



This app comes with the PBX and is always available. It is not related to any PBX Object and has fixed parameters.

Long Name

How it works

The app works in the client only without any server-side functionality.

The search functionality is done using the Client API

Additional functionality is done using the following Client APIs:


Search functionality

The app performs a full text search in all search providers the user has access to, for example:

  • myApps client
    • Apps
    • Pages in myApps (home, all apps, account security)
  • myApps Launcher
    • Contacts from the smartphone address book
    • Contacts from the Outlook address book
  • Users APIs
    • PBX users
    • Pages in the Profile App (account, call diversions, groups, my phones, etc)
  • Contacts API
    • Contacts from the directory
  • LDAP Object
    • Contacts from the LDAP directory
  • Conference Search
    • Conference rooms

Details of search results

Search provider details

Search results are displayed, grouped by the search provider where they came from. The groups are sorted first by the relevance specified by the search provider and then by the display name of the search provider.

Per group the app shows:

  • the app icon of the search provider
  • the display name of the search provider

Inside of each group the results are sorted first by the relevance specified in the result and then by the display name of the result.

Result details

All search results show:

  • an icon, that can be from different sources:
    1. an image (attribute photourl)
    2. a profile picture (attribute avatar)
    3. the app icon (attribute link)
    4. the provider app icon
  • a display name (dn attribute)
  • the presence (if a SIP URI was specified with the avatar attribute)

Additional result details for type "contact"

Results of type "contact" additionally show the contact details

  • position
  • company
  • address
  • phone numbers
  • SIP URIs
  • email addresses

Actions on search results

If the search result contained an app link:

  • the result details (icon, display name, presence) can be clicked to open the item in the app of origin
  • an HTTP link to the item can be copied to the clipboard
  • the item can be put on the home screen of myApps

Additional functionality for results of type "contact":

  • Start call (for phone numbers)
  • Start chat (for SIP URIs or internal extensions)
  • Send email (for email addresses)


  • The app has no configuration.
  • As the app comes with the PBX, it is available without any installation.
  • In order to give users access to the app, assign the app "search" to individual users or config templates, as usual.
  • When Install is used to setup a new system, the Search App is already assigned to template "Config Users" and available on the Home Screen of the created admin-user.


The browser console contains all API messages sent from or to the search app.

Known issues

Change Application Name

The Name of the app itself cannot be changed.
As workaround one can create a new app-object via the PBX-AdvancedUI and address the SearchApp:

Assign the new AppObject to the users either via configuration template or at the userobject directly, and remove the original SearchApp. If applicable, do the same for the preset Home screen apps either in UsersAdmin or at the userobject directly.