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The Working App is an app for recording working hours. There is a user app (Working User) to start/stop time tracking and an admin app (Working Manager) to view working hours for all users.

Applies To

  • innovaphone PBX from version 13r3


  • innovaphone PBX
  • innovaphone Application Platform
  • innovaphone myAPPS
  • Firmware V13r3 sr4 or higher
  • License “App(innovaphone-working)” (order no. 02-00050-010) per application-user


The innovaphone Service Working App is an app to track working hours. There is a user app (Working User) to start/stop time tracking (clock style) or to add entries manually. These entries must be confirmed (=submitted) to be displayed on the admin app. Once they are confirmed, they can no longer be edited. There is also an admin app (Working Manager) to display the working time information for all users and where the configuration settings can be changed. The app is designed to help employees and employers to easily track working hours in a digital manner.

How it works

The first time a user starts the Working App on myApps a new entry is created in the database for this user, based on the "Name" of this user, which will be used to store all the working hours entries, vacation days, sick days and national holidays. Entering the working hours is a two step task, because after defining the start/stop time it is also necessary to "confirm/submit" these hours as correct, after the confirmation is done the user can't change them anymore and they will be displayed on the admin app.

In the Working Admin App the list of the users' names is based on the "Display Name", if no DN is set then the "Name" will be used. Once the users have opened the working app at least once, they will appear in the list of all users in the Working Manager App. The app adds a red mark when an user does not fulfill the working hours regulation. Here the settings for the periodic emails can be configured and also if the user is allowed or not to confirm the working hours that do no fulfill the regulation.



Innovaphone-working.png This is an app (Working User), where the user can enter the working hours, holidays, sick and vacation days. This can be done by clicking on the start/stop button. The user have also a calendar view to add, edit or delete working hours.


Innovaphone-working-api.png This is a hidden app (Working Api), where the myApps session is been monitorized when the autostart/stop of the working times is enabled on the Working User App.


to set a websocket connection.
to configure the app as hidden.
to get the app object name where to send the notifications.
to send the notifications.


Innovaphone-working-admin.png This is an admin app (Working Manager), where an administrator (i.e. Human Resources) can see the users' working hours. Periodic reports are generated with a list of users who do not comply with the hours restrictions. Several settings like the working hours per day can be configured per user and they are set to 8 hours from monday to friday by default.

Also some config items can be edited on the hamburguer menu:

  • General settings
    • Timeout to submit entries (days): max interval the user has to submit the working hours.
    • Min break time after 6 hours: min break time if the user has worked more than 6 hours.
    • Min break time after 9 hours: min break time if the user has worked more than 9 hours.
  • SMTP settings: to send email reports
    • Send reports every (weeks): weeks interval for the reports (0 means disabled).
    • Email address for reports (ie. Human Resources email)
    • SMTP server
    • Username
    • Password
    • Client host name
  • Default working hours: workings hours defined per day when a user opens the app for the first time, which can be modified per user on the Admin App (Working Manager).
    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday
    • Thursday
    • Friday
    • Saturday
    • Sunday
  • Rights: Enable/disable restrictions to submit working hours
    • Allow to submit working hours on Sundays
    • Allow to submit working hours on vacation days, national holidays or sick leave
    • Allow to submit working hours without the required break times
    • Allow to submit working hours that exceed the daily maximum (10 hours)
    • Allow to submit working hours that do not respect the daily rest period

The users' data can be exported and imported on CSV format. There are some fixed fields that are available for the import and the export. There are also some other fields that are only displayed on the export file just as extra information, which are marked with (*).

  • working-users.csv
    • sip
    • guid
    • domain
    • dn
    • monday
    • tuesday
    • wednesday
    • thursday
    • friday
    • saturday
    • sunday
    • p_number
  • working-absences.csv
    • sip
    • start
    • duration
    • label
    • confirmed
    • date (*)
    • p_number (*)
  • working-times.csv
    • sip
    • start
    • stop
    • confirmed
    • dn (*)
    • p_number (*)
    • start_date(*)
    • start_time (*)
    • stop_date (*)
    • stop_time (*)


the name of the working admin app.

PBX Manager Plugins


With the Working plugin App Objects can be created, edited and deleted on the PBX. The SMTP settings can be also configured, the interval for weekly reports and the target email for the reports.


  • Install the Working App with the new AP app installer available in the PBX manager. Hint : after the installation done, close and open again the PBX Manager to refresh the list of the installed app (the coloured plug-in)
  • Create a new PBX Object for the Working User, Working Manager and Working API Apps with the PBX Manager Plugin.
  • Assign the Working User (to normal users) and Working Manager App (to administration for example Human Resources) by selecting the config template that should include the App.
  • Assign the Working API to all the users, so users can use the auto start/stop and push notifications.
  • Assign license "App(innovaphone-working)" via config template or directly to all users using the APP.
  • Set configuration settings on the "burger" menu of the Working Manager App (ie SMTP Server, Reports Interval in weeks, special permissions).


Trace flags for App on App Platform:

  • App
  • App Database
  • App Websocket

Trace flags for myAPPS Client:

  • Browser Console

Known issues

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