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  • No Call Transfer on Hook-On: By default going on hook or pressing the speaker or the headset key initiates a call transfer when there exist both an active call and a connected call on hold. If this checkmark is set both calls are released when going on hook. A call transfer can be initiated by the R-4 key sequence then ('R' (flash) key immediately followed by the digit 4).
  • No Local Conference Tone: By default a conference tone is merged into conversation when a conference is established. Frequency, volume and pattern of this tone depend on the configured dial tone scheme. If this checkmark is set no conference tone is generated when the phone itself establishes a conference.
  • No Local Intrusion Tone: By default an intrusion tone is generated to notify the user about a call intrusion. If this checkmark is set no intrusion tone is generated the phone itself.
  • Display Name on Pickup/Partner Key: By default the number of the calling/called/connected party is displayed in the label field of a partner or pickup function key. If this checkmark is set the 'Name' attribute from the PBX user object (if available) is displayed instead.
  • Start Outbound Call on Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) Signal: A wireless headset usually has an Electronic Hook Switch button. If the base station of the headset is attached to the phone via the DHSG interface the phone receives a hook switch signal whenever the button is pressed. By default this signal is ignored when the phone is in idle mode. When sitting in front of phone it's quite inconvenient to set up a call by pressing this button, when being far from phone no digits can be dialled. But in some cases it can be useful to set up a call, for example when the phone is configured for direct dialling. If this checkmark is set the Electronic Hook Switch Signal will set up an outbound call when the phone is in idle mode.
  • Use Handset like a Headset Ingnore Hookswitch Signals: some switchboard operators are used to work with the handset in a headset like manner. they never place the handset on hook and expect to receive inbound calls via handset instead via speakerphone. If checked the handset will be operated like a headset, the headset port is disabled. inbound calls are accepted on the handset with the respective 'headset'-key (space (IP200a/IP240), Ok (IP230)). this key can also be used to drop the current call or to start a new call when the phone is idle. The speaker key works as usual. This mode is not supported for the IP110, IP111 and IP150.