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Basic parameters for the Administration access of the device are configured here.

Device Name

The name of the device. This name is displayed in the browser as a title. It is also added to the product id sent with outgoing registrations. This way it is displayed e.g. on the registrations page of the PBX.


The adminstrator account. This account can be used for telnet access (if configured) and all password protected pages of the web user interface. By default all pages except Administration/General/Info are password protected. The web server of the device can be configured to protect all pages. The password has to be entered twice.

The password cannot be left empty. If an empty password is entered, the password won't be changed.

Help URL

The URL to access the online help. By default an URL of "<major firmware version number>:<page name>" is used. This links to online help pages in the Reference namespace of the innovaphone wiki.

For example on a V7 device configure following Help URL to link to the local wikitogo installation:

Additional Administrator Accounts

Additional admin accounts. These are either "normal" administrator or viewer accounts. A viewer account can see everything but cannot change anything.