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Phone ringing screen

With V8 the phone ringing screen changes (compared to V4 till V7), here are the new screens described.

One calling party

  • Usual ringing screen - incoming call for wld,302 from Waldemar.


  • Incoming call from subscriber, whose name hasn't been resolved


  • Incoming call from subscriber with CLIR set


Diverted calls

  • Incmoming Call forwarded automatically (CFU, CFB, CFNR) or redirected (Redial key in ringing mode) by Steffanie


  • Incoming Call through Waiting queue PBX Object


  • Incoming Call for Chef or Secretary through Exec PBX Object


Diversion chain

  • Incoming call for Rosie from Waldemar, forwarded through Werner and spr. 307 has been originally called by Waldemar and 302 is the last forwarding station before reaching us (Rosie). There may have been several other stations involved in call forwarding between 307 and 302, but these are not shown.

So assuming we have a very long chain of diverted calls like: 101 calls 201, diverts to 202, diverts to 203, diverts to 204, diverts to 102, we will only see the originally called party 201 and the last station diverting the call 204.


Transferred calls

Calls can be transferred by following actions:

  • Press the Redial key when actively speaking, type the destination number and enter OK.
  • Hold the active call (R), dial the destination number and hang up the call.

Incoming call from John Doe transferred by Waldemar. Image:ringing-transfer.png

An important difference between a diverted and a transferred call is that transfer implies human action and interaction with the caller. A diversion is either automatic (e.g. CF) or a redirected call without consultation (redial key on ringing call).

Also note that a transferred call may return to a transferring party if destination busy or not replying. We call these returning calls.

Transferred and diverted calls


Incoming call for Rosie, transferred by Waldemar. Waldemar has been talking to John and has forwarded the call to 307, which led the diversion chain to Rosie (through 302).

Note that all the diversions occurring *before* the transfer are not shown. The only relevant information is the last subscriber actually talking to Joe.

Returning calls

After transferring a call to subscriber not answering the phone, an unsuccessfully transferred call returns to the subscriber initiating the transfer.


302 is returning from an unsuccessful transfer.

Pending calls


John is calling Rosie. Before Rosie answers the phone, Waldemar calls Rosie as well. We have a ringing call from John and a pending call in the queue from Waldemar.

Note that the pending call information may overwrite the second diverting party information due to lack of free display lines to write onto.


Symbol Description
Called party.
Calling party.
Unknown number/name. Unresolved number.
Diverting party.
Transferring party.
Returning call.
Call pending.

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