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This function can be used to load a new boot code version onto the VoIP device. New boot code versions can be obtained from a certified innovaphone dealer (

By specifying path and file name of the boot code to be loaded in the Boot File field and then clicking the Upload button, the boot code is loaded into the device.

Whilst loading the new boot code firmware, you are advised not to interrupt the loading procedure under any circumstances. If the loading procedure is nevertheless interrupted, the device should under no circumstances be switched off afterwards. Rather the procedure should be repeated once the problem has been eliminated.


  • The bootcode fileformat of version 7 is different from earlier bootcode file format. To upload a version 7 bootcode a version 7 firmware has to be loaded first.
  • Bootcode update fails if not enough flash memory is free ( e.g on a IP200a with 2Mbyte flash and a large phonebook). Flash memory can be released with a ldap reset command. If you need the ldap information download the config before the ldap reset.
mod cmd FLASHMAN0 reset ldap

Version 7 bootcode has new features, for a complete list see Reference7:Bootcode_functionality:

  • The bootcode contains the primary bootcode with functionality like version 6 bootcode and a small version of the firmware ( minifirmware ). The minifirmware is started e.g if the firmwareware is defect ( e.g. due to a incomplete firmware update ). This allows recovery from incomplete firmware updates.
  • The minifirmware can be used like the regular firmware. Only features that are not needed for manual firmware update are missing ( e.g. PBX, Gateway, Phone, DECT, LDAP, logging ...)
  • During bootcode update the primary bootcode is only written if it changed. Usually only the minifirmware part is written. This makes bootcode updates more robust.
  • A checksum is calculated over firmware and bootcode. Firmware update is not allowed if the bootcode checksum is bad, and bootcode update is not allowed if the firmware checksum is bad.
  • The bootcode allows that firmware is stored in flash sectors with a flexible alloaction scheme ( sectored firmware ). Version 6 stored the firmware in a fixed linear flash area.
  • The bootcode allows to load firmware directly to DRAM. That is convenient for testing new firmware.

The new boot code is not activated automatically. A reset must be performed to activate the new version. The immediate reset and reset when idle links are provided for this purpose. More detailed information on resetting the device is contained in the chapter entitled "Administration/Reset".

Take a look in the documents supplied with the new versions to find out whether new protocol firmware also needs to be loaded.

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