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The dial function key is used to set up a call to a remote party and/or to send DTMF digits over an established connection:


  • Remote party number and/or DTMF digits. A comma (,) is used to insert a 1 second pause before or between DTMF digits. The first comma after one or more regular dial digits also separates the number to dial from DTMF digits to be sent after the connection has been established.

Before V9hotfix22/V10beta6 the number was not split and thus DTMF tones could be sent only over an existing connection using the Send in Active Call checkmark. Further a 300 millisecond pause instead of a 1 second pause was applied.


  • Remote party name (H323 ID).


  • Do not dial immediately but permit the user to complete the number or the name with further digits or letters. Dialling is started when the handeset is lifted or the speaker key is pressed.


  • Set up an announcement call, i.e. a call which should be automatically accepted by the the called phone. This checkmark is only effective if Allow Outgoing for Announcement Calls is checked on the Preferences page of the registration. Further Reject Incoming for Announcement Calls must not be checked on the Preferences page of the called phone.

Send in Active Call

  • Send the digits configured under ``Number´´ as DTMF digits if there is an existing connection already. If the phone is idle set up a call as usual.

Send as Control Call

  • Set up a control call to a special PBX object, for example to control special voice mail features. For a control call no media channel is established.

Note: Since V9hotfix32 a call is set up with "Sending complete" when the number is provided before the call is initiated, i.e. when the number is entered before going off-hook. This applies also to calls automatically initiated by pressing the dial function key. To prevent "Sending Complete" for a certain number the number must be terminated by a '+' character. The '+' is stripped off, the call is set up without "Sending Complete" and the number can be completed by typing more digits. The number is assumed to be complete when a '#' character is entered or the "Enblock Dialing Timeout" is reached before the next digit was entered.