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Hot Desking

If different subscribers often register with a particular telephone, this fast registration function can be used, whereby the access data is queried again with every registration. The access data consists of the Name and/or Number and the Password (if any) defined in the User Object of the subscriber. When the Number is used it must be the complete Number of the User Object including the Node Prefixes. The registration is tried first with the GK-IP Address provided via a DHCP Lease, second with the GK-IP configured for User 1 and finally via Gatekeeper Discovery.

How hot desking can be used depends on "Store Phone Config" checkmark in the user objects of the intended subscribers. If it is not checked the user specifig configuration is stored locally on the phone, otherwise it is stored on the PBX.

"Store Phone Config" NOT checked

Pressing the "Hot Desking" key creates a new local user configuration with a "Delete Registration" key at the same position as the "Hot Desking" key. The "Delete Registration" key inherits the Text/Icon/LED setting as defined under "Active State" of the "Hot Desking" key. Pressing this key will end the hot desking session.

"Store Phone Config" checked

In this case you have to set the "Store Phone Config" flag in the user object and as well in the function key the "User Config stored at PBX" flag. This flag prevents changes of the configuration stored on the PBX. The "Hot Desking" key will be functional only in the primary registration. Pressing the key creates a new registration without any modifications of the configuration stored on the PBX. To delete a registration created this way a "Delete Registration" key should be provided in the stored configuration, otherwise the registration can be deleted only via the phone menu. If the stored configuration contains itself a "Hot Desking" key with "User Config Stored at PBX" checked, the key works as a "Delete Registration" key in a registration created via hot desking.

If in a User Object intended to be used for hotdesking "Store Phone Config" is checked "Discard Config on Phone" must also be checked, otherwise hotdesking will not work correctly. Before V9hotfix24 it worked without "Discard Config on Phone" checked in some configurations but went wrong in some others. When hotdesking is applied to User Objects with "Store Phone Config" checked the function key must also have checked "User Config Stored at PBX".