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These release notes describe the IP112 Hardware Builds starting with build 501

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

Hardware IP112

IP112 HW1000

33398 - ip11x-pcb layout change for LM5161PWP

Buckconverter AX3162 changed to LM5161PWP

--> ip112-pcb-800

IP112 HW500

71693 - Start

IP112 HW501

8334 - imx6l-modul build 500

first 500 pcs reworked R570=10k instead of 220k

8381 - Power sequence changed for better production yield

IP112 HW600

8380 - Clearance for USB riser board increased.

IP112 HW601

8614 - new display glass

Glass change in Display module FS-TST350MTQV-01B

IP112 HW700

8370 - IP112 PCB HW400 Larger copper area for U601

Improved heatflow

8366 - IP112 PCB HW400 TR301 pad size

Increased pad size for better soldering

IP112 HW701

IP112 HW702

IP112 HW800

8362 - IMX6L-MODUL HW600

Manufacturing programming with the Micron SPI flash sometimes doesnt work because the CS line is initially floating. With IMX66L-Modul HW600 pullup R231 keeps CS inactive.

IP112 HW801

18069 - hook switch spring with lower force

Drawing for IN-MECH-SPRING1-IP111 updated.

IP112 HW802

18403 - change of IN-FUSE-1210-POLYSWITCH-1A

from 500mA type to 750mA type

IP112 HW803

21603 - L504 = 0Ohm to stabilize USB against ESD

IP112 HW804

18297 - changed switch point of hook switch pedal

dimensional change of IN-MECH-PEDAL-IP111

IP112 HW805

30589 - Display change from TSLCD to CMI

33397 - glue 3103UV to fix speaker

56396 - U601 new stencil

Ab 00-90-33-4c-67-29

IP112 HW806

39147 - update of IN-MECH-LCD-FR-IP111

New construction of IN-MECH-LCD-FR-IP111 to ease the assembly of the CMI display.
Ab 00-90-33-4c-6d-69

IP112 HW900

22672 - IP112 PCB 600 - 4 layer PCB

4 layer PCB for better noise immunity
500pcs in production

--> No further mass production scheduled.

29365 - New samsung DDR3 Die


K4B4G1646E-BYMA (1866MT)
K4B4G1646E-BYK0 (1600MT)

IP112A HW1000

71694 - Start IP11xA

IP112A HW1100

58899 - IP111A/IP112A: C612 changed from 0402 to 0603 package

58898 - IP111A/IP112A: Move S401 4mm right

IP112A HW1200

65655 - DFM Update

IMX6UL-MODUL: Solder mask at gold connector removed
IMX6UL-MODUL: Layer stackup definition updated
IMX6UL-MODUL: Chamfer definition updated

IP111 RGMII_CLK: GND shield improved
IP111 Vias at SMD moved:
Pin52 mpcie

IP112 RGMII_CLK: GND shield improved
IP112 Vias at SMD moved:
Pin48 mpcie

IP112A HW1210

75889 - Change of display panel

(TN (LQ035NC111) --> IPS (LMMA05035EQN1))

IPS (LMMA05035EQN1))

IP112A HW1211

IP112A HW1300

74764 - ip112-pcb build 1300

see #73231 - DFM Update USB Buchse

IP112A HW1301

IP112A HW1302

111791 - ETH switch changed

Due to EOL of Realtek RTL8363NB-CG

-->  RTL8363NB-VB-CG

current firmware version needed

IP112A HW1303

IP112A HW1304

159288 - CMI Display

LMMA05035EQN1 --> LQ035NC111

IP112A HW1400

118851 - IP112-PCB HW1400

Supply chain update.
Replace components with long leadtime with alternatives that have a better availibility.

IP112A HW1500

123829 - IP11xA layout update

Build 1500. Clearance between primary switch node and copper increased from 0.5mm to 1.0mm

IP112A HW1600

126798 - DFM Update USB Connector

IP112A HW1601

143859 - IQS620A version 2

required firmware version 13r3sr5

IP112A HW1602

157752 - RT5752AHGJ6