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Remote Control Facilities

RCFs implemented in the Phones

innovaphone telephones implement certain facilities which sent in during call setup or within a call. These are used for 3rd party phone control, e.g. in myPBX or SOAP (and thus TAPI / CTI applications).

Following remote control facilities are available:

  • 0 - this default facility is always sent to the calling device if a call is initiated via SOAP, enabling the simulation of an outgoing call on innovaphone device
  • 1 - reserved
  • 2 - multicast, sent in setup (UserCall (?) ). Device will accept incoming call right away, will put any active call on hold
  • 3 - announcement call, sent to the called device, activates hands-free on the phone
  • 4 - toggle three-party conference state, sent in an active call to the calling device, while a second call on hold exists. Both calls must lie on top of each other on the top of phones display and be available to a conference setup via the menu key on the phone. Any further calls on hold are ignored.
  • 6 - start call completion (on a busy or disconnected call)
  • 7 - end call completion (in a new call (?) )
  • 8 - recording on, requires a recording configuration on the target phone
  • 9 - recording off
  • 10 - turn on three-party conference mode (see #4 too)
  • 11 - turn off three-party conference mode (see #4 too)
  • 12, 13 - reserved
  • 14 - mute. Mutes the phone's microphone. Works from phone firmware V9 hotfix 5. Will work only if there is a phone on the call.
  • 15 - unmute

From phone firmware build 100252, there are some more new codes to control the call mode. They are executed only when the addressed phone is either in handset, headset or handsfree mode, i.e when calling, connected or disconnected but not when alerting:

  • 16 - change to handset mode
  • 17 - change to headset mode
  • 18 - change to handsfree mode
  • 19 - monitor mode on (add speaker to handset or headset mode)
  • 20 - monitor mode off (back to plain handset or headset mode)

From phone firmware build 100567 two more new codes are available. They are executed only when sent in setup (UserCall) instead of the default facility 0, call intrusion is enabled at the phone and the phones state permits to initiate an intrusion.

  • 21 - intrusion, type silent monitoring
  • 22 - intrusion, type conference

From phone firmware build 113449 two more new codes are available. They are executed only when the addressed phone is either in handset, headset or handsfree mode and there is a connected call:

  • 28 - call waiting tone on
  • 29 - call waiting tone off

From phone firmware build 125059 (v12r2) the following new codes are available:

  • 30 switch UI to home app
  • 31 switch UI to phone app
  • 32 switch UI to favorites app
  • 33 switch UI to call-list app
  • 34 switch UI to directory app
  • 35 switch UI to config app
  • 36 switch UI to video app

These codes are only valid within an existing call (that is, not as part of a SETUP message).

RCFs implemented in the CONF interface

Some innovaphone remote control faclities have been implemented in the CONF interface. See innovaphone remote controls in Reference11r1:Gateway/Interfaces .

Remote Control Facilities and SIP

Remote control facilities are communicatied via H.323 in the PBX. However, the control 1 (connect) can be conveyed via SIP too.

  • if the control is sent in an INVITE (outgoing CTI-initiated call), an Answer-Mode: Auto according to RFC5373 is used
  • if the control is sent during an alert (accept an incoming alerting call with CTI), a talk event as per RFC3265 is sent to the endpoint:
NOTIFY ... SIP/2.0
From: ...
To: ...
Call-ID: ...
CSeq: 434 NOTIFY
Contact: ...
Event: talk

This is also supported by innovaphone endpoints (in case of registering them to the PBX via SIP). Note that not all 3rd party SIP devices will support this. Also, some of them support it only if the sender of the INVITE or NOTIFY message authenticates itself to the endpoint. Such devices will not work with the PBX as we do not support PBX authentication towards the endpoint. Some of those devices allow you to disable this restriction though.

Remote Control Facilities and SOAP

You can send remote control facilities on a call with UserRc or UserCall.