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General Information

  • Product name:
  • Vendor:
  • Version:
  • innovaphone Firmware:

Current test state

Configured Scenario

Important Components

Server Requirements

  • Windows,Linux, etc.
  • other software requirements

Product Setup

Installation & Configuration of the vendor Software

Installation & Configuration of the innovaphone components

Product Test

Ensure to make different Tests with and without call encryption(SIPS,SRTP), since it is asked in some customer scenarios.

Tools clipart.png FIXME: Note: Possible test results are Ok, Nok, Not tested, N/A(not available). Ok, Nok, N/A are self explanatory. "Not tested" is more a temporary note - if its still in the test after finishing, then the summary should explain why the feature was not tested. Remove this note in the final report

Minor Bugs

  • Problem1