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[edit] Illustration


[edit] Technical Data

[edit] d83

Robusto IP DECT terminal para ambientes extermos

[edit] Fisico

Tamanho 150 x 64 x 23 mm

Color Handset: grey/black, Front plate: steel grey (standard), black, turquoise, green, orange

Build: Case: PC/ABS, Keypad: PC, Clip: PA Case: Hinge type (standard), swivel type or no clip

TFT display with more than 262000 individual colors, 40 x 50 mm (240 x 320 pixel), white LED backlight

Peso: 175 g (incl. bacteria e clipe)

[edit] Teclado

3 teclas de função

Off hook key

combined on-hook/power-on/off key

4-way navigation

Numeric book

Volume + e –

Sound off key / Mute multifunction button

Alarm button / Push-to-talk multifunction button

[edit] Bateria

Li-Ion type 3.7 V, 920 mAh

Até 18h de conversação (with Bluetooth disabled / LF location disabled)
Até 12h de conversação (with Bluetooth Headset in use / LF location disabled)
Até 16h de conversação (with Bluetooth disabled / LF location enabled)
Até 10h de conversação (with Bluetooth Headset in use / LF location enabled)

Até 120h stand-by time (with black screen saver activated and LF location disabled)
Até 60h stand-by time (with black screen saver activated and LF location enabled)

< 4h tempo de carregamento

[edit] Interfaces

Multi-purpose, IP67 classified connector for headset, battery charging and software download / configuration

Bluetooth version 5.0

GAP / CAP compliant DECT, EN 301 406, TBR22

1880-1900 MHz frequency range

GFSK modulation

Integral antenna

-93 dBm sensivity

Radiated power: 250mW (EU)

[edit] Ambiente

Operating temperature: -10 °C to +55 °C.

Storage temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C.

Charging temperature: +5 °C to +40 °C.

Enclosure protection: IP67, IEC EN60529.

Immunity to ESD: 8 kV contact discharge, 16 kV air discharge (EN61000-4-2).

Free fall test, standard product: IEC 60068-2-31, procedure 1, dropped 12 times, specification extended to 2 meters

IEC 68-2-32, procedure 2, dropped 1,000 times from 0.5 meter. Accelerated life test.

Chemical stress: Handset exposed to oleic acid.

Keypad auction test: Keys pressed 15.0000 times with a force of 13 N.

Squeeze test: Handset squeezed 1000 times with a force of 130 N.

[edit] Audio

8-step adjustable ring signal

8-step adjustable earpiece of 3dB each

Max. sound ring signal level: 100 dBspl (90 dBspl for d81ex) @ 10 cm

Duplex loud speaking function

Wideband audio: Support of voice codecs G.722.2 and G.726.

Background noise reduction: Two micro-phones and Adaptive Noise Reduction.

[edit] Serviços Suplementares de Telefonia

Hold, retrieve

Consultation call

Number display

Name display

DTMF tone support

[edit] Lista Telefónica

Lista telefónica central: número ilimitado de contactos.

Lista telefónica interna: 250 contactos

[edit] 23 Linguas

  • Arabic, Czech, Danish
  • Dutch, English, Finnish
  • Flemish, French, German
  • Greek, Hungarian, Italian
  • Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese
  • Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovakian
  • Spanish, Swedish and Turkish
  • +1 downloadable

[edit] Funções Extra

9 teclass programavéis

Lista de chamadas com as ultimas 50 chamadas

Atendimento automático.


[edit] Different versions

d83 Versions Features Matrix
Features Talker Messenger Protector
Telephony YES YES YES
Shock, vibration, drop, temperature and chemical resistant YES YES YES
Centralized device management* YES YES YES
Central phone book YES YES YES
Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless headsets YES YES YES
3.5 mm contact for wired headsets YES YES YES
Shared Phone* YES YES YES
Advanced messaging including priority, confirmation, call setup, colors on display and LED - YES YES
Services and shortcuts to phone calls, messaging, sending data, etc* - YES YES
Location with BLE, DECT, IR and LF Technologies* - YES YES
Push-button, man-down, no-movement and pull-cord alarms* - - YES
  • "*" Features only available with Ascom UNITE system that also requires use of Ascom IMS3 Gateway.

[edit] Order number

50-00083-013 - d83 Talker phone

50-00083-014 - d83 Messenger phone

50-00083-015 - d83 Protector phone

[edit] CE-Declarations

[edit] Conformities


  • EN 62368-1:2020


  • EN 50360:2017
  • EN 50566:2017


  • EN 301 489-1 V2.2.3
  • EN 55032:2015
  • EN 301 489-06 V2.2.1
  • EN 301 489-17 V3.2.4


  • EN 301 406 V2.2.2
  • EN 300 328 V2.2.2


  • EN 63000:2018

[edit] WEEE-Number

DE 31703754

[edit] Imprint

innovaphone AG | Umberto-Nobile-Str. 15 | 71063 Sindelfingen | Germany

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