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MediaRunway Analytics

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Computer Telephony Integration and Unified Messaging / Unified Communication


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MediaRunway is an ITC enterprise that provides its customers with contemporary IT services in all areas - Your business, our solution.

MediaRunway - About us



The Analytics myApps app is the simple, comprehensive and visualized way of evaluating calls to reduce unanswered calls and optimize your business processes. Build and share customized dashboards, take a deeper look into callflows, evaluate your waitingqueues, track the trunk usage or let the system automatically create reports for you. All in one without the needs of an external server.

MediaRunway - About this application


Users App

Analytics icon users.png

Add Dashboard

  • Open Hamburgermenu
  • Click the 'Plus' Icon in the upper right corner
  • Enter name and submit
  • Analytics create dashboard.png

Edit Dashboard

  • Click on the 'Pen' icon next to the Dashboard name at the top
  • Change name
  • Make Dashboard public
    • default is private
    • other users will see it in the Hamburgermenu under 'PUBLIC DASHBOARDS'
  • Delete Dashboard
  • Analytics edit dashboard.png

Add Widget to a Dashboard

  • Open the Dashboard
  • Click on the last Entry symbolized with a 'Plus' in the middle
  • Enter name for the Widget
  • Select Type
  • Fill out the upcoming Parameters
  • Select a dynamic Timespan or a fixed Date
  • Analytics add widget.png

Edit Widgets

  • Click on the 'Gear' icon on the left to open the menu like in 'Add Widget to a Dashboard'
  • Click on the 'X' icon to remove the widget
  • Hold the widget to change postions with other widgets
  • Analytics edit widget.png

Example Dashboard

  • Mediarunway-analytics2.png

Call Flow

Search for calls, filter after parameters, get an overview in a table and look into the details of a call.

  • Filter
    • Add local object
      • Search after the person in your company
      • Add Person by clicking on the '+' Icon
      • Remove Person by clicking on the 'x' Icon
    • Add remote number / SIP
      • Enter remote part of the call
      • Add by clicking on the '+' Icon
      • Remove by clicking on the 'x' Icon
    • Date (from - to)
      • Enter from Date (optional)
      • Enter to Date (optional)
    • Evaluation
      • 'filter smart calls' hides calls that only represent a part of an already listed entry
    • Call state
      • 'no answer' - user didn't picked up the call
      • 'connected' - user picked up the call
      • 'busy' - user was busy at that time
      • 'no channel' - user couldn't even reach the other party
    • Call direction
      • 'incoming'
      • 'outgoing'
    • Call time (in seconds)
      • Enter range for the duration of the call (optional)
    • Alert time (in seconds)
      • Enter range for the alert duration of the call (optional)
    • Analytics callflow filter.png
  • Table of Content
    • Analytics callflow toc.png
  • Summing Up
    • Analytics callflow summing up.png
  • Download
    • Available formats: CSV

Example: Call Flow

  • Analytics callflow example.png

Send Number (External)

Evaluate calls by grouping by an external number. Used for example to bill project numbers. This can be configured by an admin at the user or by the App: Sendnumber - effexx

  • Filter
    • Enter Number
      • Enter external number (optional)
    • Date (from - to)
      • Enter from Date (optional)
      • Enter to Date (optional)
    • Call time (in seconds)
      • Enter range for the duration of the call (optional)
    • Alert time (in seconds)
      • Enter range for the alert duration of the call (optional)
    • View
      • 'No Object Details'
      • 'Anonymize Target'
      • 'Show Alertduration'
    • Analytics sendnumber filter.png
  • Table of Content
    • Analytics sendnumber toc.png
  • Summing Up
    • Analytics sendnumber summing up.png
  • Download
    • Available formats: PDF, CSV
  • Automate
    • see 'Automated Reports'

Example: Send Number (External)

  • Analytics sendnumber external example.png

Waiting Queue (Incoming)

Has the same range of functions like 'Send Number (External)', but instead of grouping by an external number, you can group by a waiting queue. If a call for example comes in through a trunk, connects to a waiting queue and then gets forwarded to a user, this wouldn't be considered as one call, but as a flow of calls. Thats Problematic for billing, so 'Waiting Queue (Incoming)' simplifies this by merging it into one call and displaying the actual caller and acceptor of the call through a waiting queue.

Example: Waiting Queue (Incoming)

  • Analytics waitingqueue incoming example.png

Waiting Queue (Employees)

Like 'Waiting Queue (Incoming)' the calls are grouped by a waiting queue and by the users in that waiting queue. Instead of a list of calls 'Waiting Queue (Employees)' will display all users in that waiting queue and also the call count, the call duration, the alert duration and the ⌀ call curation, the ⌀ alert duration.

Example: Waiting Queue (Employees)

  • Analytics waitingqueue employees example.png

Automated Reports

Auotmated Reports can be created by clicking on the 'Automate' Button in 'Send Number (External)', 'Waiting Queue (Incoming)' and 'Waiting Queue (Employees)'. The current config for evaluating will be attached to the automated report except the date. Auotmated Reports will create PDFs in a given rythm. These PDFs will be in the Archive.

  • Automated Report
    • name (optional)
    • description (optional)
    • rythm
    • email notification (optional)

Admin App

Analytics icon admin.png


Set the pbx (ideally the master). This pbx will be used for replicating users and getting details about licenses. If not set, the first connected pbx will be used. The Pbx name can be found at: Devices App > Devices > 'Pick the PBX' > Admin Ui > PBX > Config > GENERAL > PBX Name. Alternative at Users Admin > Hamburgermenu > PBX Name.

E-mail Server

Needs to be set, if the user wants to receive E-Mail Notifications. In most cases is 'Sender E-Mail' equal to 'Username'. The 'Host' is normally localhost. For the 'Sender Displayname' we recommend 'Analytics App'. To test the sevice you can send a Test Mail.


Will export the cdrs database as a csv.

About the App

Build version.


Licensing: innovaphone licensing, how many licenses are needed is listed here.

The Number of licenses has to be filled in the licenses input field of the Analytics admin pbx app object. Also only at the Analytics admin pbx app object should be activated the checkboxes like in the next screenshot, no active checkbox in the Analytics user pbx app object!



You have a free cdr record in the pbx you could configure. You could configure two in the pbx ui and more in through the pbx console/ config file.


The first app version starts with a free beta phase, but a free license key is needed.

Compatible innovaphone firmware versions

  • MediaRunway Analytics 1.0 (133xxx)
    • innovaphone V13r3, V14r1

Application versions used for interop testing

  • MediaRunway Analytics 1.0 (133xxx)
    • innovaphone IPVA V13r3 sr8



To collect Data about calls, the CDRs interface needs to be configured. Navigate to Devices App > Devices > 'Pick the PBX to get the CDRs from' > Admin Ui > Gateway > CDR1. The default configuration from CDR0 can be copied. Important is that the path needs to end with 'analytics/cdr'. One way to test the configuration is to do a test call and export the CDRs database in the Analytics Admin App. If its not empty, its very likely that its configured correctly.

Analytics cdr config.png

  • the 'Adress' is the uri (without https) of the app platform.
  • the 'Path' for CDR is the same uri (also without https) which is shown in the 'AP Manager' app at the app instance under 'Webserver path'


After installing the app, adding the app instance and the app object for the users and the admin, someone can start using "Analytics". The steps of the installation process are the same as described in this article "Callback - Install App from App Store" only with different names.

Brief summary of the installation

  • Install the app from app store
  • Create an instance of the app
    • Values needed: Name ("Analytics", no blanks here please) - Domain (your platform domain) - App Password (generate one, 15 characters) - DB Password (generate one, 15 characters) - other values will be filled up automatically
  • Add the user and the admin object with PbxManager app (when selecting the name, please do not use spaces.)
  • Configuration and licensing

The following is an installation example.

AP manager settings

Analytics ap manager.png

PBX manager settings

You have to create the user and admin object.

Analytics pbx manager.png

Copyright information


MediaRunway GmbH & Co. KG
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Tel: +49 2183 80628-0

For any questions please refer to our contact page.