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K-Businesscom GmbH Cloud-Designer

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K-Businesscom (KBC; formerly Kapsch BusinessCom) is a leading ICT solution and service provider and digitalization partner.
The 130-year history of the Kapsch Group and the many years of experience as a market leader for cloud transformation, network solutions, collaboration, data center infrastructure, security and managed services, combined with the technologies and services of numerous international manufacturers, form the basis for our innovative strength.
KBC Germany has established itself in particular in the areas of IT security, intelligent network, directional radio, managed services and VoIP. Specially developed cloud solutions tailored to channel partners, carriers, utilities and enterprise customers are operated by KBC and offered as whitelabel Made-in-Germany solutions.

K-Businesscom GmbH - About us


The Cloud-Designer is the counterpart to PBX Designer. The range of functions is identical, but the product differs in licensing and visual customizability.

About this application


The Cloud Designer contains all the function packages of the PBX Designer.
See PBX-Designer


When installing the Cloud-Designer, you agree to install and use the open source product ffmpeg.
The ffmpeg application is installed when you install the application and is used for audio conversion in the application.

The number of licenses required depends on the number of port licenses used on the customer PBX:

Lic | Ports
1 | ≤ 20
2 | ≤ 40
3 | ≤ 70
4 | ≤ 100
+1 | every next 100

Example 1: If you use 13 PBX-Port licenses, you will need 1 service licenses for the customer PBX.
Example 2: If you use 101 PBX-Port licenses, you will need 5 service licenses for the customer PBX.


The prices are based on the packages of the Cloud-Manager


The cloud environment requires a central management platform, (see v13 Hosting) and installation of the cloud-manager app (see Cloud-Manager)


Compatible innovaphone firmware versions

  • innovaphone V13r3

Application versions used for interop testing

  • innovaphone V13r3sr3

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Known issues


K-Businesscom GmbH
Sperberweg 8
41468 Neuss Germany
Tel: +49 (2131) 9526 828
Fax: +49 (2131) 9526 800

For any questions please refer to our contact page.