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This document explains the configuration for a department fax device at the innovaphone fax solution with Exchange.



This article explains how to configure a shared departmental fax for all incoming/outgoing faxes (e.g logistics department) in cooperation with the Faxserver application and MS Exchange. Group users would send and receive faxes uniformly through this shared account.

Applies To

This information applies to the innovaphone firmware V10 final and Linux application innovaphone Fax V10 final and later.


First step is to create a PBX user object called logistics. No Port license is needed but you have to set the Fax license at the License tab. The E-Mail address is an important part of the configuration. The E-Mail address has to be the address of the distribution group in your Exchange system. If you have a group called it would be advisable to name your user object logistics and activate the Email flag. Provided your PBX's System name matches your email domain (company-cm in this example), the PBX creates as Email URI. Of course you can also configure an arbitrary E-mail address in the text field next to it.

Image:Department fax with Faxserver application and MS Exchange 1.png

The next step has to be configured at the Exchange Server. Your group users (John in this example) have to be part of the Distribution group logistics. You now have to allow these users to send emails on behalf of the fax group account (logistics). Open the Exchange Management shell and execute this statement:

Image:Department fax with Faxserver application and MS Exchange 2.png

This allows the user John to send outgoing Mails on behalf of the Exchange mailbox logistics (that is, the mail will ten have a From: mail header).

Image:Department fax with Faxserver application and MS Exchange 3.png

As a result the PBX will send an outgoing fax with the CGPN of the department fax user object.

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