Howto:IXI-UMS sometimes delivers faxes as voicemails

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Applies To

This information applies to

  • IXI-UMS (innovaphone edition) with VOIP-CAPI or XCAPI up to Kernel version 5.51 (newer versions are available but not tested yet - we will test them asap and let you know if there are any changes)

More Information

Sometimes faxes are received as voicemails by IXI-UMS where you only hear the "beep" of the caller. This is mainly because of a timing problem. Some older faxes (analog faxes) do wait until the called party sends the fax tone and then sends it's fax tone itself. IXI waits for the calling party to send the fax tone for the first few seconds - when it the sends the tone, the callong fax answers but will be rejected, because the tone came to late.

You have an easy possibility to overcome this issue: Simply go into the IXI Kernel Configuration, then again IXI-UMS Kernel Configuration, then "DDI Mapping" - there press "add" and type in the extension which should receive faxes only and select "fax" as service.

This is a good way to receive all faxes, but has the drawback that now a combined number for Voicemail and Fax is not possible anymore! (So you better use that "hack" only if you have a global fax box, which you want to make sure will receive faxes sent to it.

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