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Product Name

Quescom Mobility Services Pack

QuesCom 200 Product Webpage

Certification Status

Recprod.PNG The tests for this product have been completed and it has been approved as a recommended product (Certification document).

Testing of this product has been finalized September 30, 2008.



Mobility Solution (Fix-Mobile-Convergence) Enterprise One Number

Single number reach, voice and fax on the same number.


innovaphone PBX and Phone Firmware Version V7 08-70107

QuesCom version : IAD05.00B402P000/ent


QuesCom Logo.jpg

QuesCom S.A.

European company founded in 1999, QuesCom designs enhanced telephony solutions focusing on the fixed mobile convergence for enterprises and service providers. Natively ready for Voice over IP, QuesCom solutions leverage the current telecommunication system.

QuesCom Appliances allow companies to realise up to 50% savings on their telephone bill and benefit from a range of value-added services like mobility and fax designed to increase efficiency in corporate communications (one number, mobile extension, e-fax, unified messaging system).

QuesCom is a leading player on the markets of VoIP-mobile convergence and Telecom application solutions and a member of Forum Nokia PRO, Nokia's advanced developer program. The company has more than 200 European resellers.


QuesCom Mobility Appliance integrates your mobile phone into your pbx environment and lets you use it just like your fixed deskphone in the office or your cordless (DECT) phone with features like hold, swap, transfer and conferencing, even if your pbx does not support it.

QuesCom appliance is pbx agnostic and works with any ISDN and/or VoIP pbx. It works with DTMF control or use a software for your mobile phone for more comfort.

Moreover, it also receives and sends faxes to your e-mail inbox and can send SMS messages.

Short summary of the most important features:

  • One-Number for inbound and outbound calls to and from mobile phones
  • One-Number for inbound voice and fax with fax-to-e-mail
  • works as cordless phone (DECT) replacement, so only a mobile phone (GSM) needs to be carried around
  • For inbound and outbound calls it can do: start a second call, place call on hold, swap between calls, transfer calls, start 3 way conferencing
  • For outbound calls from GSM mobile phone, calls can show users fixed phone extension as One-Number, instead of mobile phone number to the called party (hide mobile identity)
  • For outbound calls from Innovaphone ipbx to mobile networks it can save call costs at around 80%, so calls costs only 2-3 cents/minute to mobile networks instead of 15 cents or more
  • Quescom Gateway also sends SMS messages from any windows computer or browser
  • with a third party client software it is also possible to reduce roaming charges by dialing phone numbers from mobile devices using transparent callbacks
  • CTI function doing click-to-dial from any webpage
  • Multiplexing: Need more ISDN ports behind the ipbx? Quescom can supply BRI and PRI channels

Competitive Analysis

QuesCom is an all-in-one appliance for unified communication including GSM mobile phone integration to pbxs. Compared to PC Server based solutions it is easy to deploy, configure and use and also significantly cheaper. For this broad range of applications, there are no competitors. Single feature competitors include: Vierling (DE), SpeechDesign (DE), AudioCodes.


QuesCom Mobility Service Pack is a software solution based on the QuesCom Gateways to deliver a One Number reachability whether the user is in the office or on the road. Users receive all calls and faxes on a single number (DDI). Not only does the user receive his office calls on his mobile, but all his calls appear to originate from his desk phone. The user's physical location and mobile phone number remains private. The caller always dials the same extension , the called user can pick up the call with any associated phone.

Furthermore not only the "one number" reachability is here the benefit , also the mobile phones turns into a PBX extension.

The GSM Gateway is optional and not a must when using the Mobility Services Pack.

  • Features:
    • Fax over IP (T.38)/Fax to email
    • DTMF
    • Multiple Ring
    • Vcc - Voice Call Continuity
    • Multi- party Conferencing
    • Mobile Client for Nokia E & N Series (MobiQ®)
    • Mobile Client for Microsoft Version 5 and Version 6 (MobiQ®)
    • Gsm Gateway
  • Supported Codecs by the QuesCom
    • G711
    • G729
    • G723
    • G726
    • T.38 UDP

Please check this recent report as well as the configuration manual of QuesCom.


QuesCom 200 costs 1.890 Euro net list price for endusers, =SRP. It includes 2 user licences. Additional user licences start at 22 Euro per seat and include all features like fax, sms, mobility, one-number etc. No Software needs to be installed, it is an appliance that already has all software installed and only needs to be configured via web-browser or kind of management console.

The maximum number of mobility users is 2 (included) plus 10 additional users.

Use Q300 or Q400 series to provide One Number for more users.

Q300 up to 100 users. Q300 starts at 2.590 Euro net list price. Q400 up to 500 users. Q400 starts at 3.400 Euro net list price.

User licences with MobiQ Software for the mobile phone start at 700 Euro for 10 users. User licences without MobiQ Software start at 700 Euro for 25 users.

ALL User licences include Fax, Voicemail, CTI, SMS, Mobility, One-Number, Webaccess to personal call settings.



Les Espaces de Sophia Bât. C

80 route des Lucioles

BP 327

06906 Sophia Antipolis


Phone +33(0) 4 97 23 48 48

Fax +33 (0)4 97 23 48 49

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