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Applies To

This information applies to

  • V13r1 an up


Setting up various PBXs for many customers, which are using only one AP!

System Requirements

Virtual Machines (HyperV, VMWare) or Physical Devices with SSD.

If you set up a Hosting scenario, please check our Considerations

Setting up Application platform & administrative PBX

Download respective images

Select in the innovaphone store

  • Firmware / IPVA
  • App Platform / App Platform x86_64
  • Download Package

Setup administrative PBX & Application Platform

Setup as learned in our courses.

  • Master PBX to start a new system with external App Platform
  • Network settings
  • Connect AP platform
  • App Platform is being installed
  • innovaphone PBX options. We used the following options:
    • Domain name:
    • PBX Name: adminpbx
    • DNS PBX:
    • DNS AP:
  • Save passwords
  • E-mail account
  • Apps are installed
  • PBX and AP Certificates
  • Test mode
  • Done!!!

Configuration of customer PBXs

Every customer will get his own PBX

Add domain to devices

Open devices in your admin PBX (

Add Customer Domain (

Choose a password. This password will be used for devices. If you select "Deploy the domain password on all devices" than it will be used as admin password as well.


Setup PBX

Setup another machine (e.g. IPVA) and choose "Do manual configuration" or "Update and network settings only"

  • Set pbx settings. We used the following options:
    • System name:
    • PBX name: pbx
    • DNS PBX:
  • Use as Domain
  • Set PBX password
  • Create config template "Config Admin". Add Apps to template.
  • Create admin user and add template to user

Connect PBX to devices

Insert Device Registration URL


Edit device settings

Open devices on your adminpbx. The MAC address of your new device is shown. Choose Name and Domain.


Create new category and assign it to device



Change main page to myApps

Till now, inserting the DNS of PBX shows Advanced GUI. To change this insert the following commands:

  • !config change HTTP0 /home PBX0/APPCLIENT/appclient.htm
  • !config write
  • !config activate


Connect new PBX to Application Platform

Login to your new PBX, using HTTPS! (e.g. Open PBX Manager Connect App Platform

Use Host of your AP Platform.



Now you can see in your Apps App that the Domain is registered:


Verify received eMail and check that App Platform is connected.

Create Devices & Devices Api Object

  • Create both App objects on your new customer pbx (you can use Devices App from your adminPBX to use the AdvancedGUI).


Both apps have to be connected.

Open devices on your new PBX

  • Open new myApps and choose Devices for your home screen

Create instances of needed App services


  • for every customer
  • for every needed app
  • a new app service instance

More information can be found here: Installing an App

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