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The innovaphone App Fax is configured with the PBX Fax object.

Configuration Options available for Fax-Objects

Any valid URL to point to the innovaphone App Fax. With the App Fax URL argument 'mailbox' it is possible to configure a fax group app. The specified sip is used as the fax account instead of the login user.
Header line
A header line for outgoing faxes can be configured.
Subscriber ID
The subscriber id of the T.30 protocol.
Subscriber Name
The subscriber name used in the header line.
Default User
If no valid user with a fax license is found for the dialed extension number or no extension number is dialed, this user receives the incoming fax instead.
Fax License
A fax license can be assigned to the fax object itself, if it acts as an user to receive and send a fax and as an app object together. Also, it is possible to configure the object as a group fax user.

Apps configuration

Configures access to other apps which provide the 'com.innovaphone.channels' service.

General Configuration Options

The information about general configuration options shared by all objects can be found at Reference13r1:PBX/Objects.